Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marriage or Not

I have exactly 2 minutes to write this post because then it will be "get ready for office time".
Anyhoo, I have asked my poor parents to look for a match for me after 5 months , 5 months because I hope to become somewhat beautiful by then .

My Parents meanwhile had thought of accepting a boyfriend as their damaad, and since like many other dreams which I have crashed this will be another one in the line. Yes I have been single forever and proposal count = 0 . For the guys who are reading this , yes girls do keep a proposal count , ha ha !

anyway, but I don't really wanna get married  even though I know its inevitable.
On one hand marriage would mean giving up the chance of becoming something dashing, of probably working in a city like New York or something , of meeting someone "interesting"
and on the other hand it would mean finally settling down with someone who would provide me roots and I would do the same to that person.Someone who will support my dreams and whose dreams I will nurture.

I don't think people like me fall in love unless they are wonderfully wooed in filmy style because thats the only way they will understand that someone is in love with them .. he he

and my 2 minutes are up..
I have contentment
- getting ready for another day
in hope of finding mind numbing happiness :)

1 comment:

Amrita said...

1. happy u gave a title to ur post unlike ur threats in the last post :)
2. yayyyyy shaaaaaaaaadi and amyyyyyyyy woo hooo i hope i can make it ;) another mauka for dressing up...

yea marriage is inevitable but not half as bad as we spinsters think as in i at one time used to be soooooooooo anti marriage goshhhhhhh i used to be the propah whyyyyyy gettttttt marrrrrrrrried brigade ;)

good luck Amy darling... interesting posts are coming my way i guess