Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Realist

I have always prided myself on being a realist, someone who has always had her head strongly on her shoulders, who knows what she is , who can interpret other people and their reactions fairly well , I never really splurge on myself , scarcely let my parents pay for me , am perfectly perfect with my words around guys , never been caught on the wrong foot  the whole gamut.

But you know what? Somewhere heart of heart, I hate being a realist! So there are times when I slip into wishful thinking and imagine what if I could have been more of a dreamer , what if I couldve been exactly like what I dream of ....

To start off I surely wouldn't be working a 9-7 job, I would be doing something with a fancy name like "interior designer" ,  " a modern age relationship fixer" , or someone who just gets paid to party .. not mentioning a certain Miss Hilton here :P
I obviously can't be a designer , any memory of learning to draw reminds me of my Arts teacher reprimanding me with a "this woman you've drawn looks like a maid servant" I had actually thought that 'so isn't she a woman as well'.. but had kept mum..
I would've been a relation fixer if only I had had a relation of my own to begin with ,.. in my dreams I am a girl who cares a lot about how she looks  and is naturally blessed with healthy skin and hair .. who has had one boyfriend in school , one in college and now with the love of her life .. (not mentioning a certain Avantika who dated Ranbir Kapoor in school and Imran Khan in college .. oh yeah!)
Like  I once said to a sympathetic friend who said I could get anyone and even probably lend her one "yaha meri gadi ka loan pass nahi hua hai , aur tu mujhse petrol mang rahi hai??"

In another world , I would have done some solid aish on my parents money .. shopped till I dropped without feeling an ounce of guilt ,.. but woe be gone! I can't remember a single time when I didnt feel guilty about using my parents' money.. even when  I was in college ..  I wish I could switch off the guilt thing .. which forced me to be such a realist .. *sigh*
I would've driven a DDLJ wala red car .. which I love so much, and while driving I wouldn't have to wear contact lenses (which are oh-so-difficult to get because I have cyndrical power of  180 degrees) because my eyesight will be perfect ..

and I could eat pepperoni pizza everyday ..... *I die whenever I think of a happy pizza .. yummm*

But most of all , in my dreams I am always with my parents ( unlike reality where I have to stay apart because I want to prove my mettle) , bestest of friends and we have loads of fun ( unlike reality where friends and me have to go here and there is search of better jobs/education)  and all of us stay together .

Dreams are hard to fulfill and its harder to completely squash them, so the midway is to dream while you can , to wish while you hope , because you never really know as they say," Careful what you wish for coz you just might get it" :)


Amrita said...

Even I regard myself as a realist, but i see no other way but being one. And yes I am a fatalist too :( :)

Yes in another world we would love to have different lives, but then this is what we got.

On the sides :-
And really AVantika dated RK in school?
And is pepperoni beef?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

what is a fatalist? :)
On the sides :-
1. Yes she did !! :(
2. Does it matter?
Its ham.

Amrita said...

Fatalist - some one who believes in fate :P

yes it does.. when i eat nething pork related, K is like piggies are chooo cuttteeee.. how can u eat them... now if i eat beef, i aint sure what he will come up with. Waise tried beef once, did nt like it. But i like pork - saltyyyyyy.

and you know so much :) !!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

oh acha the cute factor!

I thought hope she is not going to give me some religious funda :P
Thanks for being cool ,and sorry for prejudging :P :D

Amrita said...

hehe oh no no nothing religious about it. Actually K calls me piggy and he lovesssss the character of miss piggy from the muppets show :) hence his disgust at me eating pork :)

Resurgence said...

Gal... Good Post... I would like myself to be known as a dreamer... I am one... thinking of making a movie, writing a book, starting a company, fighting aliens (:P) and so on... Dreams is what keeps me alive... So dream and dream big... :)... DDLJ ke red waale car se bhi jyada... :P

Loan wala dialogue achchha tha... aur teri drawing bhi kharab thi... mujhe to lagta tha ki ladkiyon ke arts & craft me achchhe marks aate hain... :)