Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Perfect Hug

She thought it was just a casual hug before he was leaving.
But this time, something was different, she felt it tug at her heart.
So they hugged, she could smell him this time.
She could feel his arms around her
She felt protected and warm
She closed her eyes only to savour the moment
For she knew, that soon it would be time to let go
When she started to move away
He said “please some  more”
And she held him again
And this time, he didn’t let her go.


Gomzi said...

A farewell it was
expected for a long time
yet when the moment came upon
he couldnt leave her behind

he wanted to take her along
to adventures that come along
life would never be boring with her
nor would it ever be lonely

as the time approached to part
he didn’t know how to bid her goodbye
knowing that words wouldn’t be enough
he didn’t want to leave her side

he wanted to take along a memory of her
the memory of her warmth in her hug
the feel of comfort in her eyes
the fragrance of a beauty divine

a few seconds wrapping his arms around
gave him hope that he would be alright
because she would always be at her side
not matter how he screwed up in life

that was the moment he realized
that life would be incomplete without her
every heartbeat of her called him back
he stopped once to look back

turning around was not option
for his heart would betray him
he knew they will meet soon in future
but she was always by his side

Mads said...

I could feel it :)
Wish it never ended though
The poem i mean :P ;)