Saturday, April 19, 2014

Why do people get married?

This might seem a silly question but this is what is confusing me right now.
This is not a question to oppose marriages, but rather the absence of answers.

All my life till a month back I was like cool with the idea of both arranged and love marriages.
I was all for each-to-his-own way, jiyo aur jeene do .

But now I am like , why should we marry.
So there can be a scenario where I am madly in love with a guy and I want to be with him forever.
But is forever really for ever?
Actually its not even marriage I am confused about , its the taam-jham which seems irrational.
Why does the whole world need to know that you are getting hitched?

And woe-begone if you have not fallen in love by 28 :(
How do I give the same amount or more  of love,respect and adoration that my friends get from me , to a guy who I know for only about two to six months? My friends did a lot to  earn that and we do have a lot of camaraderie to warrant that kinda feeling.

Seriously why should I fall in love before 30 and chalk out my whole future? Don't people get any time to mull over such decisions.

And what about the slow ones ?
You can be dyslexic in studies but not in love?

Don't get me wrong I have loved watching all the true blue rom-coms there are , and I have friends who are truly and really committed to each other (who don't make it embarrassing for friends) ..
The only reason I could find is that people want to satisfy societal norms , but why satisfy anyone else before you can satisfy yourself?

Or maybe the answer is much simpler , as what someone said to me " arre yaar sex karne ke liye ;)"


Aastha said...

I totally agree with the last line...sure that someone was smart enough..but i would lile to rephrased it as a 'legalized sex karne ke liye.'

ShaGuaR said...

I think the most rational answer to that would be
"To ensure continuity of the human race ;)"
And yes..marriage is not essential for that. but this is a society where people do need their last names!

Amrita said...

it is a norm established by society to prevent collapse into anarchy or what the society currently deems as anarchy maybe.
not many mammalian species are monogamous and i think homo sapiens does fall into that category. so it is more to inhibit those animal instincts and let decorum prevail that the movers and shakers of the world a long time ago made marriages mandatory :)
but then i feel these rules are necessary because homo sapiens is a very highly evolved species...
no other species takes care of their old and aging, no other species goes to specialist care to give birth to their young, no other species uses other species to their benefit without being predetorial or symbiotic. so i think the rule of marriage needs to be imposed till another more effective one shows us its efficacy.
its like democracy - it seldom works but a better system is yet to be evolved.
i concur, the limits on 'marriageable age' and other such norms. yes satisfy yourself first, cos society wont come to ur rescue when things go awry. as they say happiness has a thousand fathers while sorrow is a poor orphan. take the time, cos we spend quite some time being married :)
i wish indian society evolves towards to western one where individual liberty is much more appreciated. but there is so much that meets the eye... Ted mosby has been trying for 9 years now and is not too happy about it :P

well you wrote about a topic i feel very strongly about :) And look what a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge comment i have posted... :( hope it made someeeeeeeeeee sense ::S

Mads said...

sex karne ke liye why do u want to marry :O
its not abt legalized sex as Aastha says.. its just the issue with Indian morals.. we have to marry coz its a norm!!

i wish live-ins were legalized. but then again, if the guy walks out on us, we wouldn't be able to take the loneliness at the age of 40 or so

marriage is a good thing, but maybe we aren't ready for it, coz we don't have the right person standing next to us...

good post.. so similar to what i wrote! :O

Live2cherish said...

Let me know when you figure out that answer. I would be curious.