Sunday, May 11, 2014

A dream - which was never meant to be

Is it funny that I dreamt of you again?
Why is it that whenever I try to throw you out of my life that I see you again
Is it because my sub-conscious still thinks we were meant to be ?
Or am I delving too much into it
Why haven't I liked anyone as much as I liked you?

Is it because , I just can't or that I don't trust my sense of judgement anymore.

I dream of you , that you asked me why I was avoiding you , I said its very hard for me to be just friends with you.
You asked me why?
I said , because I like you.

You smiled me , pulled me closer , your fingers on my waist.
I felt as if I had come home, to the person I belonged to.
All my tensions , my misgivings vanished.. you never said what you felt, but your smile said it all.
And all through the night you wouldn't let me go.

I was by your side and you were by my side.
Its funny how I remember the small details.
It was a breezy night and I was wearing black. Well, so were you.

Then when we were driving back (to home?) our shoulders were touching and even then I felt the need to hold your hand.
It was warm and it felt mine.
There was no fear no tension , just a sense of what was always meant to be. It all seemed real.

And that's when I woke up.
The real world dawned on me , and I realized you are nothing like what  I saw you in the dream.

But what if you were!

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CRD said...

All I can say is either snap out of it, or if it is really worth it go make it happen.


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