Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When Friends turn Foe

In girl world , all girls are cool ,
they play what they want
they are geeks
they are witty
they are hard working
they believe in earning their own money
they watch cool tv shows
they wear cool stuff
they take pride in saying we don't need no man

And then everything changes when they get married
Its all hunky dory for some time
The above 8 lines still hold true , for some time ,
And then they start judging

If they are 25 , they start judging girls who are 26
If they are 26, they start judging girls who are 27
If they are 27 , they start judging girls who are 28
If they are 28, they start judging girls who are 29

And woe begone the day you turn 30 .
You might look younger than the fat testosterone and oestrogen loaded school going kids,
Ain't nobody got time for that!

Their feminism takes a new turn , a turn where they point fingers  at you
For not doing "right" by them
And that's when you know your friends have turned into your foes

If you have a few left who have not turned foes yet , 
then remember this :-

"It's really liberating to say no to sh*t you hate." - Lena Dunham


Unknown said...

Good read 😊 I'd like to believe friends never judge they share experiences and if they judge; they're not worthy of your friendship; so cheers😍

Unknown said...

Best part is, this entire exercise helps to identify "good" friends from good ones. :)