Thursday, September 22, 2016

Love thy Password !!

It is only recently that I changed all my passwords .
Old habits die hard , and sometimes whenever a new site asks for a new password, my fingers type down the one word which they have been so familiar with

A friend's password is his girl's name appended with the word "wife".
A hope for a future in the mundane every day usage.

For most of the time it seems to be something right off the top of our mind,
the funny thing is that people usually take a password which is the first thing they can think of,
or rather something which is on their mind (&heart).

For a long time now , my password had been my favourite blog .
To think of it now , perhaps the writer was my favourite person too .

 I wish I had associated it with a thing , a book a la J.R.R Tolkein , an orchid ,
 but I associated it with a person.

Things are easy to forget but people are not .
Somewhere around the corner a reminder might just be lurking .
A password is one such  reminder which you choose yourself.

But one fine day , just like the blog closed , the person lost touch too.
It felt bad at first ,worse to go back and forth .
As the years piled up , the rehashing of memories became easier to do .
Life is like an airplane , from the inside it seems to be static
while actually it moves faster than what we can imagine.

And isn't that what we call the art of moving on .
We might care about someone now ,
but five years down the line and without any touch they just become faint memories.

So how many times have you changed your password ?

Or are you one of the lucky few who hasn't lost touch with their favourite word / thing / password?

Or how long till we hold on to some memories before letting it all go .

And one day , long  in the future ,
when I am thinking of nothing in particular, I will maybe, let those memories return to me , and put the same password somewhere else.

Till Then .. Adios.


Amrita said...

First I thought hai mere naam kar password ;)
Hehehe no I am a hardcore technocrat in this.... have you seen the mistakes ppl make....goshhhh! Even I use birth dates sometimes and know it's a rookie mistake
and god how many times have I told mom not to use the same password.....
Well once you have been to the inner circle you forget treating passwords with emotion... you would not with a real lock and key right?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Namesake : The whole point was even if you use birth date whose birth date did you use ? off the top of your mind :)

Amrita said...

Mk Gandhi s :)