Friday, January 10, 2020

What is ?

The storms were there for a reason , 
What is calm if not you

The clouds thundered for a reason,
What are raindrops if not you

The continents are separated for a reason ,
What is distance when its with you

Words were thought of for a reason ,
But what are my thoughts if not you

My oceans were searching for a land,
What is a shore if not you

All the battles were within me ,
What is peace if not you.

Calm , Raindrops , Distance , Shore , Peace
They were all in me,
But you helped me reach them.


shafeeq sha said...

The tears were there for a reason,
What is smile if not you..

All the laugh is there for a reason,
What is loneliness if not you

The steps I walked is there for a reas, what is love without you..

Great post..

Unknown said...

hello from old timey follower back after four years. this is such a beautiful poem!! ( from