Wednesday, October 14, 2020

When you cried

 I am helpless, I am not enough

When you cried, I wish I could take a time machine back and make it right for you

In your tears, I could see all the children who have been hurt, and the world is not fair

So when I touched your tears, the pain became real

 I felt like a voyeur when you gave me a sneak peek into what you have been hiding

A part of me wishes I didn't know this,  A part of me knows that is selfish

A part of me knows I shouldn't think about it, A part of me just wants to be there for you

I wish I could fly back, embrace that baby, kiss your pain away 

"No cherie, it will be all right"

A part of me wishes I could cross these societal boundaries and just do that,

An empath they call me, but I'm just a selfish person venting out on this blog

While there are people out there who actually suffering through it

I am helpless, I am not enough

They say it brings you closer when you understand their pain and suffering 

They say he trusts you, I say he was vulnerable , and I was just there

And you my reader, tell me how should I let it go, the distress doesn't leave me, it doesn't go away

Maybe I read more, learn more about how to absorb pain,  exhale it and then be as excited for the new day.

I am helpless, I am not enough, but I like it when you smile, that inspite of everything you can.

1 comment:

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