Wednesday, April 9, 2008


1st of all here's wishing u all a SHUBHO NOBOBORSHO

ya getting back to the topic now , our fest this time was a 7 day affair - 3days for the tech fest DAKSHH 2008 aaaaannnnnnndddddd 4days for ECELECIA 2008 ( hhehhehe what fun it was!!)

So, the tech fest started on 28.04.08 with a bang , ya i mean this time Red FM & Telegraph were one of the many sponsors !!!!!! & it was far more exciting than last time , we did take part in the brainotonics wala contest , but alas! we had to show our identity cards ( mine was stolen in thhe 2nd sem *sob* ) to get a prize , anyway still cant make head or tail of the only problem we got stuck on [ L + O = SS : which corporate saying does this signify ? , if any1 knows bout this 1 plzzzzzzz tell us]

hehehehhhe and after that we tuk a spur o' the moment decision & went to c RACE . ( wow kya muvi thi yaar , super cool , { only anil & sameera shud've been thrown out} i think now i know a part of wat kareena sees in saif ]

returning to the fest mania - the rest of it was on a sun & sat ( i didnt go - how bad of me )

heard that there was an aeroshow - which was faboulous , & ya was quite happy to know that many of my friends had taken part in it & also reached quite far - like devajeet's grp ( saw their cute robot - abhay sez its a boy! ask him y ) then heard that snigdha - avishek had also participated & so had the high IQ grp o' our class ( vijay , santosh , sharad , & a 4th 1 - really how much do they have in their brains yaa? ) , dhruhin got thru the semifinals in some hacking wala game ( i hope they dont give u kaya skin clinic ka voucher - u dont need it hehehhehhe )

- while urs truly sat at home & watched tv lalallalaa .

& After 2 -3 days of boring classes wit a test thrown in - we had our CULTURAL FEST !! :) :)

me & saheli decided not 2 go on the 1st day - bangla band *duh* , anyway the show gt washed out -thanx 2 the kalboishakhi , norwesters wateva u call it .

i shifted to dida bari - to b closer to clg :) & friday came - ahhh the dj nite

god knows wat got into me & i wore high heels *ahem* tht wr painful 2 say the least !!!
but it was 1 cool nite ( no nothing to do wit the fact tht people thought tht i ws lukin good )
kya masti kya dhoom - we had - dj played all the nu remixes - & some ppl went mad ( some others wr drunk ) taught saheli a to -n-fro motion wala dance vich she did all the time - but of course there wr gals - & wat grls they wr - who went all wild - dancing full on wit bf's ( he he)
finally wit feet aching a head full o' sweat we went bak home @ 8 ( my dida sed its allrite coz " ekhon shopping er jonno rasta jomjomat " )

Saturday - ahhh we thought tht we'd see the fashion show ( having missed the backless wonder last year ! ) & reached @ 5 wit full enthusiasm . but alas rain devta ko ye manzoor nahi tha & garaj garaj sawan ghir aayoo , we had 2 sit in the canteen for 2 whole hours wit hopes of seeing the fashion show dashed ! oh ya 4gt 2 mention ws wearing a salwar kameez ( 2nd time this yr !!!! ) had my hair open (i guess it must've luked ok or weird coz sourav asked wether it was a wig :0 !!!!!!!! ) finally, it was 8:30 b4 we knew it & we rushed bak wit the whole day gone waste . But of course all hope ws not lost coz there ws still a day more left

THE BIG SUNDAY - In case u all hav been wondering wat happened about my gal frnds , oo well then must say each 1 o' them loked completely like a hoor ki pari ( angels i.e. ) , i think dusk does this something to females that they luk cooler , prettier , i really want 2 use that s wrd now , heheehhe & a lot more ( i really hav my tongue in my cheek :P )

ya as we wr going , gt a sms 4rm victor - he's gt thru tcs & cts ( & also went on his 1st " ahem " date ( plz dont kill me 4 writing abt it ) ) wish him all the best

So we finally reached our clg - & by god kya bheed thi waha , after all EUPHORIA was coming yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) ;) :) ( i swear aisa laga vanvallah ke bacche had also come )

me , saheli & parnisha as decided wr wearing skirts ( ah the 1st time this year ) lets say we wr luking gud :) , i had taken the risk of nt wearing my glasses , abhay sed adtya will appear slim ( actually he did appear so ! )

&then after much waiting shaiting Euphoria finally came at 9 pm , or wo bhi ane ke pehle itna bhaav !!!!!!!! some guy came & pakaoed us so much!! i really felt like kicking him

& then " om bhur bhuvasvahaa.... " the crowd erupted wit cheers & palash sen belted out some of his spcl hits & then came tht chat wit the crowd " ekhane ki all meye ra engg ??? " we wr all like " yaaaaaaaaaaa" then he sed " oh god engg grls r worth a golds wait " i thought ki oi idhar to tera wait hum kar rahe the , then another song & every 1 ws singing along

oooofffffff fir na bande ne bare sexist jokes mare lk " eto kom engg girls tht means grls hav kam dimag " or " grls dont hav any sur ka gyan coz all our band members r guy s"

DUH! I was almost going to throw snigdha's sandals at him ( grrrrrr)

but jo bhi ho after tht they sang song after song & really every1 had fun , out of the few compli's we received, avishek sed " tu finally larki lag rahi hai " *gosh* thanx yaar never thot tht way (hmphh)

then it got really late - 10 pm u know . since none of us hav a bf me saheli & parnisha formed a 3ka circle & wr ball dancing ( guys ke sath ye maza kaha ) it was real fun , also we wr standing on chairs half of the time to get a gud view hehhheheh , tuk care nt 2 wear heels this time ,

and it was 10:20 - me & saheli ran like 2 cinderellas only it was 12 for her & 10 for us .

the fest fever was over , but u know wat these 4- 5 days r wen the whole clg comes alive , i mean 1 day u may be a nobody but after fest maybe every1'll point at u n say hey isnt this the guy / grl who won a date wit palash . Also more than the functions & nach gana , its also the grt company that u r in makes an event so enjoyable , i mean can u imagine som1 witout any frnds , no 1 to dance wit or crack jokes wit - usko kitna maza aaega yar ?? Cant wait till the next one :)

P.S. 1. saheli & i r seriously thinking abt bf's - itne raat ko 2 bechariyan ghar akele laute ? after all akeli larki khulli tizori hoti hai :p :P hahahahahahaha . we r also willing 2 share a guy:P :P

2. saw some pple dancing wen they wr drunk hahahahahaa very funny that was, also grls smoking was a ramapant scene ( shud i change my conservative thots ? )

3. abhay has particularly mentioned tht he likes bhaggu girls & will marry a gujju grl 4 sure ( so any1 thinking otherwise , try ur luck somwr else)

4 , saw ratna's spcl som1 , both looked cool ( abhay & co. plz dont tease her anymore tht guy is double ur height) , also heard abt komolikas bf ( missed the sight ( ! ) )

5. congrats to devajeet & all for the fashion show ::)

The day after the fest too i kept thinking about it :) - wat fun all of us had - this will be reflected in the SKP's test taken nxt day :( , & ya those who missed it this time must catch up the nxt time coz u know wen these 4 yrs r over maybe even if u'd want 2 come in u wont b able to . so jst make the best of this time :)

I'm really gonna miss my college days


vanilla sky said...

let me laugh in this 1st comment section!

vanilla sky said...

heyy! really nice account!!

every emotion and wishes:-( poured in!!

we'll have fun reading this later in life!

vanilla sky said...

fest-time quotes--

amrita-"oii dekh IC khabar peyeche!!""

FAME counter boy to Amrita--"in case you don't know, Race is an adult movie" !!

Abhay --"i slept with vikrant Vipul last nite!!"

chorus--"wee need boyfriends , at least during fests!"