Saturday, April 19, 2008


yipppeeeeeeee!!! i used to see this tag thing on other people's blog & longed 2 write 1 myself :) thanx saheli :)
ok here it goes
1.last movie you saw in a theatre?

2.what book are you reading?
I am so boring that i'v been reading only S.P. seth ( electromagmestism ) , salvihanan(digital) ,boylsted(analog elec.ckts)

3.favourite board game?
scrabble,carrom i used 2 like playing UNO

4.favourite magazine?
Filmfare, Stardust , used 2 read Reader's Digest :) no study things here :P :P

5.favourite smell?
has to be of mummy ( really i know wen she's near) , that after the rain smell of mitti, & ya success smells sweet

6.favourite sound?
the sound of chatter, tht of koel, waterfalls, & also try listening to the serenity of mountains -its divine

7.worst feeling ever?
feeling tht i cud've helped but cud'nt, wen used 2 see ppl enjoying & knew ws nt 1 of them.

8.what is the first thing you think when you wake up?
"geyser on kori , breakfast me kya banaoo, rony ke jagaii?"

9.favourite fast food place?
Burp @ Forum, KKusum's @ park st , & ya exide ka puchkawallah

10.future child's name?
really embarrasing 2 write abt it but some months bak, i thought "geet" wud b a nice name :)

11.finish this sentence " if i had a lot of money i'd...
"buy 2 merc , & a nice house , some property of my own , loads of diamond jewellery 4 my family & me , wud meet indira nooyi ( @least wit pretext of buying pepsico. :P) , buy bags by louis vuitton, clothes by Versace, shoes by Jimmy choo & then make size 4 the nu size 0 hhehhehehhehe you drive fast?
no yaar , even witout driving "fast" i crash -always :( you sleep with a stuffed animal?
NO- im not retarded

14.storm cool or scary?
didnt get this Q - but i like cool weather but am more of a hyperactive person

15.what was you first car?
dont have 1 now , but u can refer 2 Q.11 for future ref.

16.favourite drink?
mazza, frooti, milkshakes , cold coffee, - yummmyyyyy - u know i maybe 1 of the few people who actually likes her morning glass of milk

17.finish this sentence "if i had the time i would?
really like to visit all my ex-schools & areas wr i had stayed , take photos ,recount old lost memories you eat the stems of broccoli?

19.if you could dye you hair,which colour would it be?
a ill part of me wants 2 dye the insides of my hair a shade of very dark blue the different cities /town you have lived in?
hmmmmm kolkata, dehradun, missamari ( in assam) , bhatinda ( punjab) , shilllong, tezpur ( assam) ,& bak to kolkata . have been to delhi , shantiniketan ( for hols only)

21.favourite sports to watch?
occasionaly cricket , but i just love how a gymnasts body twirls nice thing about the person who sent you this?
always helping , never imposes her marzi on u , really kind & sweet & yet wit correct amt of morals

23.whats under you bed?
dunno , havent been there u see!

24.would you like to be reborn as yourself?
lets ans tht ques aftr 24 yrs

25.morning person or night owl?
both - but nt the 4am kind :) , but im ceratinly nt a noon person
26.over easy,or sunny side up?
sunny side up!

27.favourite place to relax?l
in front of the TV ( the best man made invention - i think :P :D )

28.favourite pie?
chocolate yummmmm

29.favourite ice cream flavour?
chocolate wins hands down , but i also lovee the orange ice candy in summers

30.of all the people you have tagged who will respond to this first?
nobody reads this blog - but even then i"ll tag abhay ( hope he's nt too lazy 2 respond)

& devajeet


vanilla sky said...

good good!

meye hole geet? chele hole aditya!!!

quite varied wishes with 'money'!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

oi chele hole aditya !!!! shut up !! geet will get an aditya to ki bhai er name same hobe???? :P

Myra said...

arre ! if only boy, then toh atleast u can name him aditya!

and nice template!

What's In A Name ? said...

at last a lady-engineer blogging. Novelty!

Mads said...

ooooooooh geet is such a cute name!! that name is also among my many options for my kids \:D/
(will slap if u if u just rolled your eyes)
aryan and diya and riya and my favourites \:D/
ladki, there is a place called BURP kya?? LOL =))
yes moms do have some smell re :O :D :D
cool tag...wish u had tagged me then :P