Saturday, June 14, 2008

AH almost over !

Last friday our Digital exam got postponed thanx to the thing called "Bandh" , I hope u all get the flow ,
so , utilizing those 4 days of hols wen i shud have studied , i watched as much tv as i could , was being as overconfident as i could , watched jab we met yet again ( not full ,however) , yes & the other thing that i did was the nu addition by Mr. Bhagat - "The 3 mIstakes of my life" .
So this 1 was also about 3 guy friends , one of them hero , the other two lil more than zeroes .
but theres a difference now , coz the narrator here is not directionless like hari or shyam. govind is quite the planner . this is what i liked about the story , coz for once chetan ( im calling him by his 1st name now) , doesnt make his "hero" a mumbling guy who thinks his life is screwed & doesnt really think about improving it . But thanx to chetan for showing that some % of the youth does like to think about the future , their future , they plan about it , think minutly about it.
Here our hero is govind who wants to be a buisnessman one day as rich as the Ambanis or Birla . He doesnt think this is impossible in 1 lifetime as he as planned everything about it , that he'll start as a small trader & then expand his buisness & then he'll be rich ! far fetched , some would say , but not to govind , he saves almost every penny he can get , never mixes emotions with work & is good @ maths - his favourite being probability . So what could really go wrong ?
But alas things do go wrong & though the mistakes that he commits seem totally to be of his own , there are things over which has no control - natural disaster , love & rage .
Personally I feel there's no wrong in thinking that u could earn loads & strive for it everyday of your life .Neither does govind ,but later on he does feel sorry for his attitude coz he realises that there's something more important than money & thats friendship . cheesy as it sounds , but when u r reading , it somehow doesnt seem like that .
Everything ends well , but with some losses the characters suffer . I think what it may have tried to convey is however much u plan everything doesnt always go as u had thought it would , u have to be in a situation to realize what ur action would be , theres no certain way to predict it.
Overall it was a nice read , but plz chetan improve the standard of the girls in ur stories .
With the exception of " 1 Night @ ......." , both neha ( 5 pt ..") & vidya , here , seem to be dolts ( in as polite words as I can say) . they r girls who patao guys , any guy , just for the sake of it & also have gr8 cheapo ways to do so . So plz next time onwards plz give them some brains .
So that's that & I hope u enjoy it too.
But hey lets ask ourselves what are the 3 mistakes we have made in our lives ? oh " life" sounds too long & serious how about the past 1 year ? or are they such things which we woudnt even want to share in our blogs ? the place where we dare to share everything --? am thinking about starting a tag about the same . suggest if u wanna.


vanilla sky said...

"but plz chetan improve the standard of the girls in ur stories ."....haha!

nice template!

Anonymous said...

nice blog :)

Deepak Joshi said...

good blog n thnx fr helping me out.....

Matangi Mawley said...

"std of girls.." yaar thts true! may be tht s why both 5 pt n one night.. depressed me totally! i havnt read 3 mistakes yet.. n i expect no better thing out of him this time too!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@ vanilla sky & matangi mawley
- thanx 4 letting me know tht there r still some people who r against such idiotic degradation of the female species .

@ roger
- thanku
@deepak joshi
- anytime

@ vanilla sky & matangi mawley
- thanx grls 4 letting me know that there r still some people who r against such degradation of the female species "

@ roger

@deepak joshi

Anonymous said...

Hey i totally agree with u!!!