Monday, May 19, 2008

Tension -Tensions

I dont know how to start about , just feeling really pressurized 2day . I have this khoobi of
getting tensed really easily ( usually wen i'm alone) & then am not able to do anything . Thats what happens everytime b4 the xams. I know that I do well in most of the sems , tests etc but somehow.....
Add to that the fact that I'll b 21 nxt month . Not much of problem till now . But recently , thanks 2 my own pigheadedness , i made my mom read that "mum 4 u " post . ( maybe i was feeling xtra daughterly that day !!! ) . of course she liked that 1 & was really happy but that is when the problem started !!!! She read the rest of the blogs too !!!! & now she has a SUSPICION if I have a bf or not !!!!! all that becoz of mention of certain guys !
Gosh moms can be soo....... problematic . bro sed " mom was going through ur msgs yesterday "
all i could do was "hahahhahahahaa" . sad or silly it may sound but most of sms's are from girls or guys regarding study & al that . sample : " bring analog communication xerox" , " come 2 canteen - saheli " . Such is my state !!! U know i think I'll enact the ad from virgin mobiles wr that girl very charismatically sez " ladko me koi interest nahi hai" & her folks suddenly think abt almost everything other than what is right .
Tension no 2 which is actually of more importance than the above heebi- jeebies . The maha SEms !!! oof initially they wr to be held on 10 june , but due to some godforsaken (!) intervention it may start from 3rd june . The only silver lining is that maybe my birthday may just be saved from the storm of sems . Actually i shud'nt be tensed much but again i keep reminding me of last sem results ( very snobbish of me too think of it as low , i know) . its like only a week left & have loads to do . analog ckts sir hasnt even done justice 2 the syllabus :( .!!!
& last but not the least , last week i hit a guy who happened to be a friend , very hard on the head ,. however cool i acted then about the whole matter , citing jokes & saying ' he's behaving like a girl , sulking so long " & all that , but the guilt is slowly creeping in . Gosh !!!! I have hit people b4 ( no im not mental ) - in class 8 -slapped a guy real hard for a very correct reason - its become something of a school legend there , but havent really hurt anybody without reason but i hope everything will be fine this time .
Anyways gotta do lot now , (wish me luck for enacting that ad ) hehe


A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

best of luck .

Anonymous said...

grrrr.. my birthdays will go waste every year ..and you are dream,ing !! :(

Anonymous said...

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Matangi Mawley said...

hey.. gr8 blog u ve!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I really need that

arre rag korish na after 2 more years tui full masti kore celebrate korish

@matangi mawley

vanilla sky said...

no rag-wag ! feeling like jumping from roof :(

Anonymous said...

cute blog u got! and gosh - mom's can be soo suspicious :P

Mads said...

hehehe :P moms are like this :P but checking mssgs is too much re :-s
anyway. cute post. u write differently now, btw...
im reading all ur posts aewhi to see how u used to write before :P