Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A cad is actually short for cadbury - the chocolate & is often used for referring a guy who looks delicious ( hehe ) , cute & everything nice .
I know most of my friends must be thinking like " ye to gayiii" . & I also know of many who think of this cad as 'a gay icon' but , main kya karuu ( am smiling now hhehe) , banda inna sona ho to kya karuu . alas! the guys in an engg. college are not even half as good (looking)& all they do is crib about the fact that engg. college ki girls "maal" nahi hoti . Whatever , this guy brings back the old world classiness & chauvinism in his looks . And for once the chemistry between this real life couple doesnt look forced . NO this is not a review of Bachna Ae Haseeno , its just a girly post :) . After all even I have the right to do things completly girly once in a while .

But then again, thinking of the girls in the movie - here's a real mean view of what happened to them . I know each time ranbir k. ( raj) broke their heart , really hated raj & all that . But in one way , these girls were too ready to fall in love , to give up almost everything for the guy they thought loved them .& that's why they deserved this heart break , you should'nt ever lose yourself to make some one else happy . people around you will be happy , only if they feel that you too , are happy.

ps -- 1. am changing my blog song to "ahista " , it's something very apt for first love.
2. A said " girls should be proud if someone flirts with them , as in lintelligent , attractive girls get flirted with etc etc . " to this I said " but if some guy flirts , does he think if the girl is intelligent or does he think of how beautiful she is ( & dekhoo ki kitni dumb hai ) & uspe chance kaise maroo etc etc . "


Resurgence said...

The concern of the engg. guys are genuine....... :) You can't blame them....... surprisingly you took the same route while cribbing about them when u mentioned that the boys of engg colleges are not even half as good as our new Raj.....:)

As far as your observation on the movie is concerned ...... remember that though generally considered to be the reflection of society... the commercial cinema and that too from the stable of Bollywood is generally nothing more than some cooked up scenes with attractive locales joined (in)coherently to provide gags (Singh is King someone said)and feel good moments.

Finding out lessons from such category of Indian Commercial Cinema is certainly an accomplishments I would say........ :).... Deep respects are there... :)

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

@Resurgence :) :).

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Tyro too joins to bow, in reverence to this great Philosopher :D .hehehehhehehehe HAHAHAHAHAHA :p.

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Bachchi mera revenge abhi baki hai , rona mat, aur gali bhi nahi , tu bada
dangerous gali likthi hai .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hey after 2 years in engg college & listening to guys cribbing about girls , itna to banta hai na :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@ tyro & resurgence
socho bando , i think of philosophy while lolling at cad :p

Aneesh said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog!
So, it really is a review combined with your experience? :)
**1. am changing my blog song to "ahista " , it's something very apt for first love.

Mmmm, I wonder whether you got one LOL :)

Aneesh said...


james said...

I felt it when you took the potshot at engg. guys.
If you notice average looking guys have more success in acting.I haven't seen the movie though.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

thanx to u too
& ha!+ha!= hahhahhaa

i'm seriously surprised how that one sentence has touched a cord with you. especially since most of the guys of engg college talk about some other 'virtues' in a girl . & seriously its not that bad if for once there's an eyecandy for me . remember your last comment?? abt the grls increasing your confidence thing?? so if for once i like some one solely based on his looks whats the problem dude???

james said...

lol. I have no problems with that.He can be your eye candy as long as you want. I just think your judgement call is a little naive esp when you have generalize as"engg guys".

Anonymous said...

oh...ca d is meant that way ! i've been thinking abt the word in the real dictionary meaning

Azra Raphael said...

cute girly post! refreshing actually!

so how's the movie as a whole?

tagged u!

Parul Gupta said...


visited ur blog for the first time...really liked it...

nice blog...


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hmmm so does it apply to all guys rather than engg guys? just joking :P . i never meant to take nay potshot , was expressing what i felt .

@vanilla sky
he bhogobaan!!

atleast someone liked this post :) i liked it , thought it was a good change from the typical goody goody yashraj fare.

thanx & cheers to u too :D

@resurgence , again
i always remember tht all this is 'timepass' fare & are meant for fun viewing .as for singh is kinng , i knew it would be idiotic . after all which surd wears a turban but doesnt have a full length darii??

RiĆ  said...

well said there!i agree with wht u hav said. In fact when i saw Minisha's character i cudnt help wonder, hw dumb can a girl b to jus fall in love without thinkin or without even knowing the guy! Anyways Ranbir looks really hot in the movie and he's definitely here to stay!! :P

Keshi said...

**A said " girls should be proud if someone flirts with them , as in lintelligent , attractive girls get flirted with etc etc

now always. cos some guys wud even flirt with a broomstick in a dress!


joie de vivre said...

**A said " girls should be proud if someone flirts with them , as in lintelligent , attractive girls get flirted with etc etc . "
....aare yaar dat means m not "intelligent"


waise mein not dis big fan of ranbir kaoopr..jyada chikna hai..hehe

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

& i so agree with you too :) he's definitly here to stay

lagta hai both o' us have had pretty bad experiences as in observing guys who flirt.

arre tht would mean i'm super dumb too , waise that was the opinion of a certain mr. A not me . :)

Solitaire said...

Gay or not gay..I think he is cute!!!

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

"Dil kya kehta hai mera kya meye bataoun , tum ye samjhoge sayad meye pagal hoon"

"Dil karta hai TV tower pe meye chad jaoun , chilla chilla ke ye meyen sab se keh doon"... hehe

porikha samne re :( ,khubk harap prep ,tui lekh ami porbo .

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Ha ha ha ha ..ya that was really bad :p , it will haunt me down till the exam day , yaar tu gandi poetry writer ban sakta , tu daily ek gandi si poetry likhna aur chaurahen meye khadi ko kal jor jor se chillana , log kuch change to faink hi denge . :D .

Thank you , thank you gal.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

exaaaaaaaactly :D :D

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Nahi , that was bad, kinda cheap for me , now I feel bad , Actually I am harmless :) , yaar now I am exactly running through a lot of feelings , I am in pretty bad shape , took a brk frm job yet can't go home :( , sometimes dreams are bad .

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Hmmmm Thanx Thnax .

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

You are too good yaar , you are a sweet heart. I sometimes feel too lucky to find some good people in serendipity . I work hard which is well camouflaged with my nonsense escapades , I don't let people people gauge me until they are really really close . Thank you . will be back after Sept to bug you once again .


" Chand taren tod laaoun , bas itna kwab hai :) :) ... "

peter said...

hey instead o posting it to ur recent post i am posting here coz it is well written and i felt like commenting :)

yeah we alwys complain ki engg collg ki ladkiyan maal nahi hoti hain..par it's not true wid our collg ..there are a few gals ..who desrve this tag :)

Shirsesh Nath Bhaduri said...

I agree with you....Love is too boring too cry for...The grls in the film were too committed to have a faithful boyfriend. BUT engg guys are not always complaining without a reason....Take my case....I workd for 2 years to get into IIT(Trust me ,having a gr8 gf was a motive) and then landed in Kharagpur, a village in the middle of nowhere, with tribals gawking at you the moment you leave the campus...And the moment you return to the campus ,WHAT do you have???GIRLS with specs 2inches thick and features that at times you find the tribals better...

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@ peter
chalo kisi ne to meri observation ko true mana :p

even naomi campbell was a tribal once , so good luck to u .

Mads said...

look at him!!
just look at him!!!
*doesn't know what to say*
this is called a tota..maal.. :D
look at him!!

dont worry, its not only engg guys who complain about having no maal, and they themselves look like tadpoles. yaha pe mere law college mei its equally bad =P
who cares?