Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Of Winners & Losers

Depressed , dejected , sad, good for nothing;
big mouth, nautanki,negative,foul faced;
wretched,heart withered,hopeless,hated;
disparity-defined,awful,awe-less,less than average ;
nothing special,recluse,thinks too much,cant emote;
tensed,mad,too sentimental,too rude;
frustrated,tired,culture-less,bored-down&bogged out;
attention craving,lost out on everything;
not the person I used to be.

This is what I had exactly been feeling like till a few moments back . I wanna get my lost confidence back , the will to get everything .That's when realised , that confidence is something which must come from deep within us . We may search for it in what others say , but won't get it there.
There's a fire burning in all of us but sometimes it may get doused . am searching for the matchstick :) .
Took out my class 12 maths book , did lil bit of integration all over again :) . haha I think I should do a lil bit of it everyday , just to be in the right spirits.
When Mr. Bhindra wins a gold medal for your country , you ought to feel happy for your country & too some extent patriotic too. but you know what ? the guy has actually also won many more awards -like the Khel Ratna awards . Did he feel dejected when his name was'nt announced in all the dailies, then? maybe he was , socha hoga akhir itna karne ke baad bhi no money , honey ? & as maybe Mtv -ticker said correctly --" Abhinav Bhindra won the olymics gold , but even then Rohit Sharma will earn more money " Is'nt it silly of us to suddenly talk of national pride whereas even two days back all were mulling that why did the Blue Indian Team fail in Sri Lanka?

" The clouds give all their golden dust to the last rays of sun but they welcome the moon with a fleeting smile" -- R. Tagore

All of us love winners , but how many of us are winners???

This post might seem to be completely threadless , but its not , all that this gal wants to put forward is that just 'coz someone thinks that you are a loser , it aint so .
Meanwhile , instead of feeling patriotic am feeling sad , coz my favourite puchkawallah is dead now. "How stupid" did you say?? well, am not really a great fan of puchka & am also quite aware of the *ahem* diseases it could cause , but this guy used to make it like really khatta & with all things nice & was neatness personified . So I guess i"ll miss him & his puchkas .
& as for confidence , atleast I dont have any previous *high* standards to look upto . :)

p.s puchkas are like the patented kolkata roadside snack


Solitaire said...

Oh no! Your puchka wala died???

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

I so love puchkas ...aar rest kichhu janina :P

Amrita said...

puchkaaa ss hmmmmm i used to hit esplanade and camac street for the besttttttttest ones

james said...

wow!if you could show that many emotions in a few moments ,you could the next rani mukherji from bengal.:)

Maybe you feel Abhinav Bhindra or sports persons in general are not treated deservingly but I think he got more than fame,money or power.I am not saying he doesn't deserve those but the definition of success changes from person to person.Some people would love to die for a gold medal in Olympics.

I don't know how gals get psych up for getting confidence but its easy for boys.We just have to think of the cutest gal met and just imagine
our aim and the gal becoming my gf are the two facets of the same page ,in other words coincident.I can tell from my JEE preparation that it worked out pretty well as it made me successful.:)

Anonymous said...

now, you're one of the confident persons around , be it about academics, fashion (!) and everything else, so stop having such silly complexes

The Furobiker said...

puchkas.. i had them .. tasty tasty..
and abt confidence.. just take a i dun care attitude towards life.. n it will come :)

Matangi Mawley said...

u'r puchkawala died!? i m so sorry.. as a matter of fact, i love puchkas.. :) i remember, i was in school- everyday- when all my friends would attack into the monginis, our gang used to explore the entire deshpriya park n lake market area tasting the puchkas frm diff puchkawalas each day! :) so i understand the loss! :)

as for the confidence- well- after u'r post, i think u ve already got it bck! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


me too :)

hey i"ll check them out

no re , want talking about their fame & money , but the fact that as soon as they lose they are forgotten & we run after the next winner.
i wish girls could apply the same analogy to perk themselves up , but sad situation age hai !!:( we girls actually think of loads of things b4 even imagining someone as a bf . (how mental)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@vanilla sky
academics pe hi to question lag gaya hai !!!!! but thanx for the encouragement , am back on track now :)

@abhishek khanna
i'm actually gonna try your advice .

@matangi mawley
was nice to read your comment after a long time. i pass by those areas everyday .& thanx