Friday, September 12, 2008


As most readers would know , a quirk is an odd habit. This post is actually a tag , but am not going to write it in that way 'coz right now I find it really boring to call another post a tag (phew! long explanation).
Was thinking that which of my habits are quirks , & how i should differentiate them from my likes & dislikes & have decided to write about each o' them under a separate heading .

So here goes nothing:--

1. Before sleeping
* I have to tie my hair in a neat braid , or sleeping is a distant dream.
*Have to arrange all the books on my desk in neat stacks & clean up all the mess on it.

2.. When sleeping , have to have a pillow on my head ( yes you read that right )

3.If happen to hear a song , the words of which are incomprehensible , I have to look for the 'lyrics '(courtesy---internet) part & learn them (wonder of wonders that takes lesser time than mugging up for digital communication!!). eg -- mauja mauja .

4. By some wonder of God , i do exactly opposite of what my mom 'tells 'me to do . its not whether I like to do that or not , i'm just wired that way .
& my mom knows that , so acc. to her i can smoke & fly , drink &drive , have bfs ,get bad mks , maroo chutti from college if i feel tired etc etc :P :P :p ( oi see how our folks are always smarter than what we think them to be ??? )

5.this one's really silly maybe because i've run out of quirks , --- i hate pen caps & cant write with one on top of it , if i had my way i'd throw away all the pen caps the moment i buy them.
plz plz i'm really sorry , am adding another one now (after atleast 4 people have already read it ) -- its just that in the morning i have to solve the morning sudoko before or during breakfast (even if its a sem exam day or something like that ) & my day is almost incomplete without my big glass of milk ( umm its actually milkshake / hot chocolate, plz dont think of me as kiddish , coz i had read somewhere milk makes u strong or was it someone who told me that , & have followed that religeously )

I"ll also like to read about the quirks of resurgence , solitaire , keshi , peter , abhishek khanna , flying stars ..... add your name if u wanna

thanks saheli :)


peter said...
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peter said...

hey nice ones and ur habits are similar to tht f mine ..I mean yeah I do search internet for the lyrics and cant write wid a pen which has a cover on its top becomes heavy ...:P

nice one there !

Solitaire said...

Hey...even I cannot write with the pen cap on!!

Think Tank said...

hehe ..i luv pen caps ..i hate pens without caps ...but i can't write with one on (the other side of course)..its so damn irritating

vanilla sky said...

now, this very much injustice to poor pens :(

Wats the beauty of pens without its cap?

and I really find it hard to write without the cap stuck, as I get the feeling that the pen is too light and may fall down

always re-cap the pen after its use !

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

who deleted the comment ? boss jo marzi likh dalo

same reason here too :)


@think tank
arre i admit that pen caps should be kept on when u r not writing (especially since i'v once suffered the consequences --- lets say my jeans has a dark blue spot from then on)

@vanilla sky
advice taken & will practise it .

RiĆ  said...

he he tht was interesting!! :)had fun reading them.

james said...

Nice post! You are obsessed with order just as much as I am with disorder.hehe

Aneesh said...

Nice quirks and wierd too... LOL
REally enjoyed it :)

Keshi said...

haha ur sweet!

u braid ur hair every nite? wow! I sleep like a demon, with my hair out. And when I go to the loo at nite and see myself in the mirror, I scare myself!

I cant sleep w.o. a pillow. I'd rather die!

My mum and I dun always agree or do the same things...yeah we hv our lil bitch fights too LOL!

hey u tagged me...aww :) I did this one long time ago. Here's the link:


Anonymous said...

Same pinch in lots of stuff!

Lookin at up lyrics, not been able to sleep without pillow, doing opposite of what mom says!

I am the biggest fan of myself! :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


hehehe , don't mind me saying "i thought so "

yup , i"m quirky.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


hehe thats me :).
i read that post of yours & really , couldn't help but agreeing with most of them.
even i like to dance like hell (even though am not 'trained' in any form *sigh* ).
& when i read about your version of pink bubble destiny & 'hunks' ( so called) , i thought as if someone had penned down my own thoughts ! my version of the pink bubble destiny is somewhat similiar - as in I too believe that what has to happen will happen , but somehow if you keep on doing things the way you feel is right it won't turn out to be bad :) ( a lil different , i know ) & as for hunks -- sometimes i just feel that they are more of outer shows than inner substance.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@deranged insanity
hehhe ya but what you guys may have missed is that i have a pillow on top of my head along with one below it .
& we all are fans ( apna hona is the best way)

Keshi said...

hehe ty!

yes HUNKS r mostly just 'extrenal' :)

**but somehow if you keep on doing things the way you feel is right it won't turn out to be bad

yeah and that too cud very well be wuts stupposed to be :)


Anonymous said...

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Amrita said...

heyyyyy even i cant write wid the cap of the pen on it
my dad used to insist i do tht cos the pen gets heavier tht way and ur handwritting stay kinda better
else its easier to get a bad writing once u transition from the pencils to fountain pens and then pens
but noooooooooo i hate writing wid the cap of the pen on it...
an thnk god .. my handwriting has nt gone so kaput :D

joie de vivre said...

hey dats gud
sudoku, tieing hairs, arranging books, milk...aachi baachi ho tum

aur pillow is not to keep on head..

humbl devil said...

just the opposite...
i cant write without a pen cap...there has to be one on the pen when i write...nahi toh balance choot jaata hai...

Resurgence said...

I thought that only my brother had this peculiar habit of putting pillows over eyes while he sleeps (I think he has left that long ago).... :)........ And writing with pen without cap on it gives me an eerie feeling....... another good post.... and thanks for mentioning my blogname.... this happens rarely to me...... I'm getting emotional... sigh....... I'm afraid I'll cry..... :) (Well the thanks part was serious)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


hehehe , well atleast two amrita's write the same way :)

but i cut my hair a week ago & now it doesnt come together now :(
I know about the pillow thing re ,( more so , due to my bro ) , but kya karu , can't help it .

@humble devil
devils write with pens ?? i thought they had fire in their hands .!!
but seriously , thanx for going through my blog :) .

thank you
& mat ro varna I"ll have to sing "allah ke bande " . do the tag ( no pressure)

Preeti said...

visiting first time :) and i feel a daughther is incomplete if she does listen to mom:) we are meant to pull each others' legs :) and yeah, I hate pen caps too. Its not a sign of professionalism but who cares :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


Iknow , who cares :D :D