Friday, September 26, 2008


If any of you is thinking that this is another post about how I'v finally realised the undeniable truth of life or am going to write about the Singur problem ( for god's sake(s) , it has been written about by people far qualified than me ! ) or why am I still trying to be truthful , buddy ,lemme break your heart & tell you that it's not so .

Some may find lil resemblance to "zindagi ke funde" by abhishek khanna .

1. When does 'oldest' sound like 'voltage'?? ---when you don't know what chunnu prakash ( he's our prof. ) is rattling on about in his impeccable oinglisss (english!!!!!). By god ! after passing, we should get another degree for understanding " various dialects which imerge when you interact with teachers in dire need of a language teacher"
p.s: i haven't really read any shakespeare ki kahani (cbse educated ) in their original version & therefore , you may think am not entitled to such opinions.
did read romeo & juliet . could'nt share the same emotions as others who call it the ultiimate romantic saga. I mean , two people die because of a misunderstanding ! ( ya ya i know you must be thinking , kitni shallow thinking hai & you are entitled to it & do express any such comments instead of deleting them"

2. Do you want to fall in love when you see "lost in love" couples ??? point in case : caught someone stealing such glances(longingly) at a pair involved in PDA . X is actually finding it hard to talk to Y & makes do with talking to the security gaurd outsides Y's building.

3. Drona , Dostana , Kidnap ??? sorry could'nt be without mentioning some movies :)
Drona =bakwaas lag rahi hai . i hate that "oop oop cha " song & almost everything about the movie seems contrived.
Dostana = hmmmm , will a gay theme work in India ?? btw , pri chopra & jonny bravo look quite muscular .
Kidnap = I like that song " sing it hey yaaa say s for sonia(mind u -the audio) " will watch
it (aise hi)

4. Why do people give gaalis? sorry why do people give "ma behen beti" galis . You know , however much I have an "I'm okay / used to it or ya do whatever you want to , i don't care if you trod hell's path " attitude , I actually feel polluted & need to use an earbud & feel like kicking such jerks !! Is it a girl thing??? More so do people think it's cool or that this will make them popular among friends??

5. Easier to emote than expressing ?? - - How many of us have expressed our views in the real world as frankly as we do in bloggerville?? Is it that we are afraid that we''ll be ridiculed or laughed at? Or is it simply because , we feel they won't be interested in what we think .
my thoughts ?? well , i think that sometimes i can't put out my thoughts in the way that most people would understand.

6. Chaap nish na - this means dont be tensed just relax , golden words I'v learnt in the last 2 years . You know what why these words hold so true because sometimes If you just wish for the best & don't fret about what will be or won't be , things turn out to be fine .

Your views??


The Furobiker said...

nice funde :)
btw u tagged me in previous post.. but i did that tag few posts ago :)

Unknown said...

nice fundas truthful!
though i love shakespeare, i'm not too sure i lik'd romeo-juliet either!

hey i liked drona title tracks,esp the female version. pretty good considering i havnt yet heard of the dude who did the music.

and i really really agree with the 5th funda. how much do i really express in real life? to be pondered upon.

all in all, loved ur post.
[i always love em!]

Unknown said...

oh crap! i forgot i was commenting from my friend's account.

raphael over here!

Phoenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phoenix said...

hey amrita please dont take me otherwise....but my blog is now limited to only those whom i have given my new url to!

i hope you wont get me wrong

Priya Joyce said...

hey Amrita i liked the fundad out there.
hey good style of writing and expressing kewl post and btw I'll b'roll u

happy blogging.

Keshi said...

Interesting tag! :)


vanilla sky said...

yes, yes 'chaap nish na' are the golden words :)

and giving gaalis for venting out at times is ok...but some make it a habit for the sake of looking cool

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@abhishek khanna
aww its ok & thanks :)

@racheal aka namitha

hehhehe that's why !! on reading the first comment I thought that who's this namitha yaar , who's been reading all my posts??
hmm the title track is nice & thanks again :)

no I won't

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@priya joyce

it's not a tag re , I just wrote them point wise on a whim . (hehe)

@vanilla sky
hmmm , correct correct , making such things a habit is certainly not cool

Keshi said...

oops sorry...then interesting list! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Amrita (As everyone calls you that, I suppose thats your

I loved you tag. The one I liked mostwas about expressing opinions in bloggerville. It's a nice thought to think about. I guess it's just the anonymity that helps us being fearless. No one knows who we are, what we look etc. People know and respect us for what we write and express through words.

I have had my share of such professors as well. And we would purposely ask them questions related to that topic, so we could laugh more. Meanies!

I like the Drona title track. C'mon Dhruv Ghanekar (the music director) is a new fellow and lets give him credit!

Hey, Thanks for dropping by! I am blogrolling you! This is my first comment here and definitely not my last! C ya and take care!

Unknown said...

nice blog....


A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

:) . " Chap nish na " .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@keshi ( again)

yup thats me :)
Ok Ok [:)]by common consensus , drona's title song is good , thanx for telling me the name of the music director (info added)
thank ya & u take care too :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

thanx (small comment ka small ans )

same to u too :)
(see I'm not giving u any galis :P )

peter said...

wah tht was a nice list ..and hey i am CBSE educated too so havnt studied Shakespeare in skools....... same pinch :P

and bout my blog
hey thnks i dun think I shud post the whole letter but hey if u gimme ur id i can mail it to ..i hv alrdy been mailing this letter to so many ppl.

and well peter is not my pseudoname it's jus my nick and pen name :P

Preeti said...

Hi. FIrst time here :) and a nice read. I agree, understanding the whole love thingy between romeo and juliet is way beyond my peanut brains :)And bloggerville, well, it depends on the person. Some view this as a mere time pass , some sink in their feelings here completely without a facade.

Saranya S said...

very nice post with good views!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ok :) , nice to that there r some who aren't shakespeare literate :)

thank u . Your's was the most honest comment (it felt true)

thankx :)

RiĆ  said...

Hey those were nice fundas which apply to most of us. :) I too dont wanna watch Drona. I was thinking of watching Kidnap but now i hav got -ve reviews so i m reconsidering my decision.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

it's ok as a 1 time watch just like the dhoom series , but i suggest u watch it for Imran khan (hehhehe , he's really cool as a villian too )

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hey this is not ur first time re , u'v commented in my previous post :O

Preeti said...

oh.. Preeti's got poor memory. Anways, I'll frequent. So linking you up, instead of landing up accidentally :)

joie de vivre said...

ekdum correct yaar yeh oinglisss ke liye toh double degree mina chahiye..

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

oi koi gal nahi . main bhi aati rahoongi

sahi na???

vanilla sky said...

no people, don't fall for this girl's words...she'll do anything to make the 'bakwas' kidnap a hit !

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@vanilla sky
grrrrrr i know it was faltoo , dolt! (was'nt i laughing the most >> i think ??) i'm just patronising a certain person.

joie de vivre said...

yeah,,sai sai

Amrita said...

even i hate it when ppl use gaalis but yea i think they feel its sth cool to do..
sometimes i mouth some real foul curses at a person who mite seem very offensive... but mentally...

and yaa chaap nish na hahaha the typical bong lingo
tht and jhaad khachchis were the first word s i learnt when i was workin in cal :D

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