Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hans de Hans de Hans de tu zara - song of 2008


1. I'm addicted to blogs .now.

2.will keep resolutions

3. wanna write about some phunny /intellectual/ not so intellectual/ *i liked* phrases / lines/comments of this year:

-->tauba tera jalwa , tauba tera pyar tera emotional atyachar
-->frustration is the beginning of medicine ( then what does engineering end with???)
--->Obama kaun?? * apna common man like surinder sahni*
--->gg aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhh ( amir in ghajini)
---> u break my heart , like u always do ( sahi line)

there are many more which i can't remember in this cyber cafe .

4. I never keep resolutions , but wanna do it this year . No won't blabber about them here.

5. i won't feel sad , as resurgence says "wish i get out of this habit of cribbing"

6.Ghajini is The movie of the year ( yes my critical review really counts).

7. felt sleepy after RNBDJ ( i don't Wanna be rude )

8. Kidnap is The comic movie ( hehheheh mausam ye awesome baraaa , still cant forget that song)

9.My net isn't working anymore :(

10. since you're interested in my life.

11. don't read this , instead call your mom ,dad , friends & new year get together plan karooo.

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year .


Anonymous said...

Hey happy new year amrita :)

RNDBJ is a decent movie yaara which i liked too much and ghajini has only one good point in sweet asin!!

vanilla sky said...

Arre wow! Cafe te bosheo ato bhalo post !!
Yeah! Kidnap was fun!
Hey cumon , Rab ne was not that bad!
see, ggaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgghhhh is a mixture of grrr and aarghh
Happy new year :)

Resurgence said...

Gal.... Happy New Year to you too ... Am not fortunate to be near my family this year so I work it out with my friends.... :)

Aur: Ghajini is movie of the year only in terms of marketing and box office collection.... can't even say it is best in terms of production value... :)
RNBDJ is not that bad

Njoy kar

Priya Joyce said...

hahah filmy ho tum bahut...


happy new yr to u dearie

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

mera net theeek ho gaaayaaa , lalallalalallaaa , good new year gift from rab ji

i never said that rnbdj was bad , i just felt sleepy . it was sweet & all , but some things were too candy floss for me.
maybe i still like the hindi filmi maar dhar, i dont know but it sort of made sense in ghajini.

Amrita said...

hhehehhe i love emotional atyaachaaar song.. abhay deol is the cooooolest one.. uske dimple kitne pyaare hain :D

ggargggggggghhh hehehehe tht was way too funny :D

rNBDJ was decent :( mainu SRK bahut pasand hai...

kewwwwwll blog.. brought a smile on my face.. :)
wish u a rocking new year

Unknown said...

Happy new year to you, man!

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Wish you Fodu !! New year bachchi ,
Post was Ultimate .
You are a Sweet Heart :P .

joie de vivre said...

i must say bade intresting way mein likha hai tune yeh...

waise gajini was also ok..nothin very gud, just one time watch..
blogie kida ho gai hai tu..it really in a gud habit :)

happy new year to u

Keshi said...



Azra Raphael said...

Happy+peaceful new year truth!

im blog addicted too!
hey, i lovd emo atyachaar too! crazy crazy infectious song!

yeah, i got bored after watchng rab ne too yaar. too boring.

gajini is good? then i gotta watch it!

Anonymous said...

Sahi post hey! :)
Happy New year Buddy!! :)
Waise ya, RNBDJ was a kya bolu...sleeping pill?
Mera wala resolution toh padh hi liya tumne...wasn't successful on this first day (was expected)!! :)
I love that song (and the voice and tune) with the "emosional athyaachaar" liner! :)

Anonymous said...

And I loved the Aditi wala gaana...man...I went crazy over it, that not only did I put up a post on my ext blog, but also in my corporate blog...many ppl agreed to my deewaanapan! :D

Anonymous said...

Very funny! :)
You made my day!!! :D

PI said...

wish u a wonderful year too!

james said...

wow ur net isnt working...
n here I was wishing my net would stop working coz m addicted to it now.(I know dis will remain nothing more than a wish.. hehe)

I love the song u have chosen.not only in its content, presentation n musical harmony but also its simplicity n the fact that it has got an addictive humming enigma about it.

Anonymous said...

aww but I liked RNBDJ, but could be due to the fact that I am a die hard srk fan!!lolz.
Ghajini I am yet to see so no comment as yet.

Thanks for visiting my blog pls do come again.


I'll try 2 be truthful said...


:) hai , bara sona munda hai yaar :)

ya gal

duniya mein (ha ha haaaa ) logo ko , (haha haahaaa) dhoka kabhi ho jata hai

ankhon hi (ha ha aaahhaa) ,ankhon me yaaron ka dil kho jata haaiii

RD ki jao ho

:) chalo koi to good habit hai mujhme



I'll try 2 be truthful said...


hehhe ,atleast someone thinks on the same lines as i do for rnbdj :).
have fun gal :)

the 'aditi' song was also the simplest song. like i heard a few days back *it is so simple to be happy , but so difficult to be simple* :)



@pseudo intellectual
you too

ahh positivity :) yup the absence of net did make me do things which i had sort of forgotten.


hey hey , about 90% of our population agrees with u gal . & no thanks wanks re :)

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...

Happy new year!

I felt suicidal after RNBDJ!!


Trinaa said...

muhahahahaha...aappy nu arr ji! :P

Rain Girl said...

happy new year...cute post.. :)

Myra said...

tui ki crocodile er brand ambassador ?!
Nice template, better than some dark one which you had done in between.

The Furobiker said...

happy new year

I'll try 2 be truthful said...



@rain girl
are u the same rain girl i was a humungous fan of???

its lacoste actually :P :P

@abhishek k.
happy joburg to u ji :)

Anonymous said...

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