Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And here writes Amrita .........

And then I thought what if I die , now , sitting here just like that. Would people miss me , or would they bear it with a smile and all the same feel sad too .
Quite selfishly , images of mum crying and my friends from far and near missing me and secretly thinking of me before sleeping at night came to my mind . Even went to the extent of thinking that some of my blogger buddies might write posts for me-: " And Here Wrote Amrita...."

And that's when I knew ..... I didn't want to die at all :) :)



Mads said...

:O haila :O
i was planning to shout at u for writing a depressing post until i read that line :D
mast re \:D/
dont talk abt dying again :|
happy holi gurrrrrrrl :D >:D<
and here Amrita shall always write \:D/ :D

Mads said...

im first, im first, im first, i rock, i love amrita more than the others, yippee che \:D/
p.s- i sense the real mads is coming alive and killing the irritated mads....yippee \:D/
btw do u like amrita arora or amrita rao? :-w
u hv to choose one :-w

vanilla sky said...

Why on Earth are you getting so damn philisophical/spiritual and everything shit?
Shoo....Happy Holi :)

Azra Raphael said...

happy holi!!

he he, seems like everyone has these stupid thoughts like me! yeah, i too imagine how it'd be after i die, would ppl miss me? or would they not even notice the absence?

joie de vivre said...

tu pagli marne warne ki baatein kyu kar rai hai...
dimag fir gaya hai tera

peter said...

happy holi !!
put the thoughts away ..only i am supposed to sulk today coz i have two exams 2mmorow and i dun even have the notes yet :X

The Furobiker said...

bhaang pee li hai kya?

happy holi

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


Yes I shall always write here :D yay !

I like amrita roy the best , no rao no arora :)
thanx for asking that question.

and now that you are out of love with ranbir . can i keep him?? *please please please please ... to the power infinty *

because i watched benjamin button yesterday .

we will :)

...... :)

he bhagwaan !! go and study !! kya blogger pe baitha hai !!!

@Abhishek k.
aaj tak nahi pi , mummy kasam :S :P


Unknown said...

A Happy Holi to you

Unknown said...

and yeah

Tara said...

Pagal ho gayi hai kya tu? Aisi baatein karte hain? Buddhu! Ab bas chup baithi rae aur holi mana! Finger on your lips! :)

Sorry for being late yaar, was not in town, plus I hope you didn't mind that informal banter of mine, thought I could take so much liberty. I know I can. :)

Amrita said...

and here reads amrita of amrita :)
heyyy kiddo even i would miss u :(

Mads said...

how mean :O im leaving ranbir for u and ulta u snatch him away :O
im going to trinaa
goodbye X-(
:P :P :P
p.s in the world of khans, on our blogger world, ranbir kapoor is so bloody famous!! he better thank us!! :P

Anonymous said...

Haha..ye kab likha?? After the bhaang had its effect na? :P
You shall write till eternity! :)
Happy belated holi to you too!! :)

PS: Complete the quarter tag! :)

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

[diamond 4 Tears]

Anonymous said...

Don't die! I'll miss you and your blog!

InConvincible said...

Hii !!

There is an award waiting for you !! :)

james said...

A different post this time but a ruminative one

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


no re the silly banter is what i love blogger for :)
don't say sorry if u dont comment , its a complete no-no here :)

i know :)

OI i was asking for your PERMISIION!! :P :D pagal che



naaah won't :)

thanx , have i visited u b4?


PI said...

that happens to me also.... sometimes. and i reach the same conclusion :)

workhard said...

Death is a depressing thought dude...Its scary...

Haiku poetry

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@pseudo intellectual
:) thank god for sanity

it is

Ketan said...


Actually when we die, we can't really feel any of those, so our visualization of our death is always skewed, and does not fail to scare us while we're alive!

I enjoyed all your previous posts, but this was the only that covered an issue relevant to me, too, so decided to drop a comment.

No one said: "mare tumhare dushman!"? ;)

Take care.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

thanx ketan :) mare tere dushman (in case you're still feeling the same :) )