Sunday, March 22, 2009



me: oiiiii you guys sunaa????

Shippy : kya kya ??? did he finally marry her

meenu: chup kar !!! amrita bol bol , did she get married to someone else ?? bol naaaaaaaaa

me: arre yaar , the dulha was late !!! and then there was loads of confusion , and then he didn't know what to dooooo

Shippy:he bhagwaaan , ye log bhi naaaaaa !!! fir fir???

me: arre fir kya , he came nearer to her and with a most defiant look ........ DHISH DHISH

Shippy & meenu (in chorus ) : Kyyaaaaaaaaaa huaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!

me : arrreeeeee he put sindooooooor on her forehead

*after a prolonged silence*

meenu : *in her characteristic tone* A-----jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb.

I was a part of this converstaion about 7 years ago . Most of the enourmous-ly lenthy K shows are ending and this one is solely dedicated to them , which provided fodder for many a such meaningless conversations :)



E: hey you know , u and ani are so alike !!

me: Isn't he supposed to be in IIT ?, wow i have something in common with mahaan person eh?

E : haaaaaan , see both of you are in ECE , right ?

me : yaaaa , and so are millions of students !

E : arre but he did a special course on something.

me: Oh what ?


me : * completly zapped & trying to think what all courses do IIT ians have to do with such a name * U mean to say the project was actually called "complicated circuits " ??

E: nahi nahi it was something like " VLSI" , but the full form sounded so complicated that I decided to name it like that !

This one defined sweetness and simplicity for me . In fact it reminds me , that all the things that some of us might think of as 'very important' are downright silly for others :)



" It's a bird , no it's an angel , no it's superman "

" NO NO it's the statue of liberty !! "

;) with complete reference to Deb , the only guy with courage and coolness enough to stand on top of a rickshaw -van .

This was one of the van-incidents that I"ll never forget , and was the time when I didn't know who this Superman was . :)


Rise up,

Don't falling down again

Rise up,

Love like I broke the chains

I tried to fly a while so high

Direction: sky! I tried to fly a while so high Direction: sky!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

Someone who hates his/her nickname : " dekha iska ? ( actually ye gana tere taste se kuch jada hi achcha hai :p)"

ps- don't kill me.


It's fun how most meaningless things stay forever and mean so much :)


Charu Sharma said...

On the interphone was gr8...finally the K saga seems to be on a HOLd..

yea..these silly abbreviations can be fun too..

and the song..awwww...

Quiet Witty..;)

peter said...

wow i liked that sindoor wala conversation and that super-man wala ..and that IIT wala ..ok ok i liked all f them :D

i will write some of my memories too some time :-?

joie de vivre said...

kuch kuch from life haina...
sindoor wala was good

Mads said...

i loved the interphone wala specially :D
and superman wala. u didnt know who superman was :O wat age were u? X-(

and where is our conversation of us talking abt 'yeh rishta kya kehlata hai?' :D :D ;) :P

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

yeah *sigh* too . :) thanx

:) do write about 'em

:) it also seems to be the most popular one .

arrre i meant that i didnt know who that guy was then !!!
( not superman)

:) apne us converstaion se hi to ye barso purani baat yaad ayiiii

The Furobiker said...

mast likha hai..!! wo wala to sabse msat tha.. somethings which are important to some are downright silly to others!

Anonymous said...

Medley of conversations...achcha tha!! :)
Complicated wala was the best!! K wala was actually Komplikated!! :)

Resurgence said...

Gal..... good post... sometimes nostalgia can be the best remedy.... :)

Once my cousin asked me 'Is Mihir dead or alive' as soon as she arrived at our home and I did not have any idea who the hell was Mihir. The same relation has continued with the 'K' serials till now....... :)

'VLSI'... :) For once I forgot what it stands for.... umar ho chali hai lagta hai...:)

Aur tujhe udna hai to ud par itna repeat hi karte rahegi to udne ka time chala jaayega.. :)

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

I am sure that you have good taste than that idiot who suggested you that video.Can't believe it na? Ya it is.

Silly discussions, inane banters ...secret colloquy , these are something very special . These acts like spices that add zest to this insipid life.When I was a kiddo my school diary was filled with complaints from teachers . "Too Talkative ". I was a garrulous small idiot who was always busy chatting .

The most beautiful things in the world, are the one simple and everlasting.

I loved this post

"Please don't kill me".

Unknown said...


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@abhishek k.
:) my friend will be all 'garden garden' that her incident is the most famous one :)

hehhee :)

oh i remember those 'is mihir dead or alive' days . my mom who cant say 'tv' to save her life actually watched that soap one day !!

arre gaane me bhi itne baar bolte rehte hai ;)


i'm stuck on tyro and feel embarrasing if i call u sougata .

it's very hard to believe!!!!

:D that was like 'hum dil deke dulhaniya le jaenge ' hahhaha


Keshi said...


Im bak Truthful, with my K-serials lol!


workhard said...

I liked the superman.....

Haiku Poems

Priya Joyce said...

hahaha kya alien shortforms hei :P

juss kidding...
the last part..hahaha kinni baar likkha hei....koi naya style hei kya?

vanilla sky said...

nice post !

Time for new post!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

yeah :)

i see you've read quite a few of my posts :)

@priya joice
:) yaar gaana hi waisa tha main kya karu ??????

abbe what about u ?

workhard said...

Hi, i like to read... but imp thats how u get to judge a person by the tone of their posts...different ones... u know what i mean.. right?

Anonymous said...

NICE!!! Sindoor waala damn funny tha!!! :D

Urv said...

Hehe.. mast tha :)

btw VLSI means very large scale integration :P when i did not know the full form, i used to think ke kuch dhansu full form hota hoyega.. par yeh toh ekdum pappu nikla :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ahem :)


its supposed to be dhansu only esp if you have to study it for one whole sem .

Lipi said...

OMG! The VLSI part was very cute :D

Bloghopped here! Nice blog :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

thankee lipsi :)

SJ said...

man ammu this is really great stuff..very creative...
pssst...we were really fools back then..lolz..
cheers to the good times