Sunday, July 11, 2010

I don't hate love stories

I hate pretensions.

I do not understand why a *g.f* has to wipe icecream off her guy's pants. I do not understand why love means being mushy, eating chocolates and icecreams, loving pink and red and going berserk over gifts ( the more expensive the better).

I do not understand why love has got nothing to do with being a hero, being a heroine, with understanding the person and yet loving them so that everything seems lovely without making an effort, with finally knowing.

People think these are the signs of falling in love :-

1. One asks Questions like " ye pyar kyu hota hai" , "kash kahin koi mere liye bhi bana ho", "someone to understand me*sigh*" ( boss apne aap ko pehchan lo mahan baat ho jayegi!).

2. The girl starts liking teddies, bunnies and all sorts of dead stuffed animals made a million times "cuter" than their live prototypes. And guys probably start using more aftershave ( I have no idea what guys do , actually)

3. DEMAND: pout,deodrant,big eyes,suddenly a guy jisne apni maa ko kabhi kitchen me help nahi kiya hoga starts showing *chivalry* by demanding that the girl wears a certain type of clothing. haha!

4. Some people start with the possesion of atleast two mobiles one cdma and one normal , with multiple SIMs, all supposedly for the *reduced* cost of talking.

Like a wise man once said " Love happens, but attraction is misleading"

But what about?

1. Red rings under one's eyes ( Girls don't squeal at the thought of eddy cullen!!)
2. Being sure.
3. Not wanting anyone else and if the said person isnt there then making do with imagination.
4.Becoming tongue tied and acting in an absolutely opposite way (OK! now I sound like some guidance counselor)
5. That squeamish feeling

The problem is the above stated symtoms are "all in the head" and cant really be seen.

So do I hate Love (not luv) stories? Not going by my track record, I don't think I understand the victorian, elizabethan zamane wala love stories where guys called gals "maa'm" and invariably a "rescue session" would follow, where people would fall in love chutki bajate hi, coz they knew in 1 second that this fella is mah soulmate. I mean how do u do it. isse achha to apne hindi films hai, atleast in kuch kuch... it took them 8 years to know, even in Lamhe love takes its own sweet time.

Love is like a wine, it takes the experiences of people from all over time, inculcates them and finds its true flavor.

Oh btw this post is effect of watching two horrendous in a day. One as everyone must have guessed is "IHLS" and the other a regional commercial one which translated in English would be
"Ye lover you are mine". hehe isme a girl ( of 15 years ) falls for a scooter mechanic, and then they run away from home, pretty much do everything, and towards the end heroine ka pitaji beats the guy up. headache stuff!! and is still giving me the creeps.

Only in one point do I agree with IK, that sometimes when filmy things happen, you might think that " oooh this is just like that movie I saw and pyar aise hi hota hai" It's sad but even I don't know what to do and like some kid once said "jab tere liye koi red hearts banayega na tab pata chalega".

I don't know what it will be like if such a time ever comes, but loving love stories has never meant loving silliness, loving silly things and a primary criterion seems to be " showing off" and doing all the 'coochie coo' one can , not in a 'I'm-blissfully-aware-of-the-world-around-me' (that is kinda a sweet) , but in a ' Oh do look at me coz' I have one eye on the world even when I'm with him/her'. My friend says when in love IQ diminishes a lot, well I say maybe we should think of rising upto it rather than *falling* in it. ( I know all this sounds like some high handed rubbish, but its just that I see too many people who discard the use of common sense in the *hope* of finding love and also because (someone might kill me for this) but some girls have this idea that guys like dumber girls, the rest are my friends who like pink and the blah just because they like them )

Oh and My brother and his gf ( and a group of friends) were sitting in the same hall when we were watching ihls. khekhekhe!!
Seeing them sometimes I also feel that some people find it so easy to tell it to the one who truly matters while some others just can't tell and prefer to lounge. But like I say, it's not always the words which matter ( and sometimes they do matter a lot) . You see I'm as confused, with only a few notions but I ain't asking around for any explanations, rather others think I'm some hard hearted juvenile.

I love the in-love couples btw, the kinds where they don't need to show and they just know it.
But alas! sad are our circumstances and rare are people who have the real thing.

For a mo' there also forgot that I hate offering explanations and should've kept mum about the whole mis-judgement thing, but whatever, all I wanna say is

Why be so aware,
Why be so willing ,
Why let your heart break
Why adhere to norms
Why think of customs
Why bind yourself
Why even think of the future
Why not wait
Wait and watch if your heart can be whole
Why not carry that glow in your heart
The glow which lights it up like a fire
&then you"ll know baby, what love is.


Akansha Agrawal said...

This is the awesomest take on love I have ever read :)

I haven't watched IHLS though... :-s

Agree that 'love at first sight' is a pretty drab concept... it has to grow, bit by bit... a little at a time... :)

vanilla sky said...

Ohh, we understand 2 back-to-back pyaara stories have hit you badly :P

peter said...

I hate love stories was all about comedy, not love...period !

Yes showing off love isn't the biggest deal in the world, but feeling 'IT' is :)

Azra Raphael said...

loved this post so much! u r right, why does love have to be all pink and red and roses, clouds blah blah? it's enough to make me sick!

love isn't abt buying gifts, stalking the girl, or making her do stuff only u like. i dont know why some girls find all that romantic. ugh.

and hey, i am a great fan of the classic "Pride and prejudice". it's the ONLY love story i have actually liked. the leads are practical, they speak in a non-roundabout vague way and there is respect. now that was the kind of love story i want to see more of.
but i still love the first episodes of every girl's [probably] favourite soap, "Kahin to hoga". LOL! who can get over Raajiv Khandelwal ever? ;)

again,loved ur post a lot!

PS- apart from Pride and Prejudice, i HATE love stories. yep. i can't stand in-love couples. though i do tolerate my friends when they are in love. i even help them by writing for them love poems that i honestly don't believe in.

hmmm, too long comment? sorry!

Sakhi. said...

hehe...superb :D
too honest!!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


:) thanx
IHLS me dekhne ka kuch hai bhi nahi.

@Vanilla saheli
piya reeeeeeeeee

arre 'feeling' wala part hi to missing hai ajkal.

I don't mind long comments at all :) If in a crowd , shout "who likes rajeev khandelwal" i bet 10 hands would go up :D :D

see that is what na in serials and all love is shown to be so nice and without problems. though kahiinn to hogaa was about his obsessiveness with kashish (see I remember).

I don't mind love stories as long as they are real, but unfortunately many people think that love is all about the pink,red and clouds stuff.
(wait till it rains on them and lightning strikes them muhaahahha!)


ty , the name's truthful. ;)

Resurgence said...

Gal... Sirf do ghatiye filmon ne tujhe itna vyathit kar diya ki tu yeh aalekh likhne par majboor ho gayi... :) Achcha hua ki maine IHLS nahi dekhi... Well watever u have written is mostly true (From the understanding of a person never been 'in-love'... :))... Good post and haan I think I noticed the use of bracket within a bracket in a post after a long time... :) Njoy and haan jab tu bhi 'in-love' ho jaye to is post ka sequel likhna ... I would love to see the difference... :)

Mads said...

I totally totally agree with your post. ek aur baat hai, ping me on gtalk, will tell u there not here.. :)

but but but but but i loved this post, yeh to hum dono ki favourite topic hai anyway :P hai naa?
but still i loved bahara's awful picturisation :P i suck!

Mads said...

haan I think I noticed the use of bracket within a bracket in a post after a long time--- i second resurgence!
i loved raphael ka comment :D
my next post on love :D

Tripthi Battapadi said...

Awesome post ya!! :))

Anonymous said...

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I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I think this is one of your best comments so far ;)
Yes achha hua that you didnt watch IHLS, baapre if u wud've written a post about it!!

chahiye thoda pyar, thoda pyar chahiye... :P

@Blue periwinkle
thanks ;)

dafa ho ja!

D said...

Loved your post! and the utmost honesty and expression!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


Renu said...

good one..even i dont believe in love at first sight or that sort of mush popularised by books and movies, but I like love stories because theya re fantasy..kaash aisa hota:)