Friday, July 30, 2010

I like Esha's dadi, New light shines on OM aunty, Saheli is flying

Esha's dadi scolds people a lot,
She doesn't spare aunty,Esha or Esha's guy friends
coz' ajkal ke bachhe are always on phone or online,
E's dadi thinks these are a waste of time.
Esha's dadi loves wearing white and never lets anyone pick her plate
I'm sure she's a brilliant cook coz now she tells the maids what to do
She sits and manages the household
and always says "Bari pouche phone kore diyo' (give a call when u get back home)
She's funny and quirky and has a crooked smile,
Her eyes glitter nevertheless,
and she's got more life than many 20 ki kudiyan.
I hope I get to see her many more times,
sitting on that sofa and smiling her crooked smile.:)

OM Aunty, well that's not her real name
She's my mom's school friend
I've always found her a bit funny
She left her job in an MNC 5 years back (I thought that was duh!)
She's unmarried 'coz her father didn't like any of the prospects(I thought is that possible in this century)
She's asked us to do 'namaste' rather than shaking hands for the fear of germ transmission,
She tells us to do OM chants early in the morning
She asks a lot of questions (I thought 'oh why the needling!!')
But now I know
She takes care of her old parents
She's still holding their hands, but this time they need her support
She turned a veg thinking of not hurting any kind of life and hence the fear of germ transmission
OM Aunty is funny in her ways-- she compared SRK- Devdas to some office guy,
She'll probably keep suggesting solutions till u choose one out of exasperation
But it's all selfless.
She's probably always been like that, it's just that we dont like people bothering too much upon us lest it feels like an intrusion.
And intruders aren't welcome but Om aunty advises, only hoping, that something good will come out of it. :)

Let me write this before she says 'SHUT UP'
Its just like a serial
where two good friends have to part ways after college
and invariably after 10 years fall in love with the same guy
One of the girl goes a lil mad and uses her friend and seduces the guy
However, the ending is always happy as the hero ka newly-single dost is always there for the mental girl.
Now I don't know if the above serial prediction will come true or not, but the first line is already coming true.
Oh yes I will come to her wedding and the blah but that is door ki baat (I think)
She's a little sad going to the land of coconut oil,
But we know she"ll be a babe there,
coz she's just bought a lot of clothes for there and has a * I will kick* attitude that none can match.
We know she"ll do well , and probably improve her new-found culinary skills.
I just hope she doesn't find another one like me
And even if she does
' For You Saheli, a thousand kicks over' :)

Abstract are the people & none of the paras rhyme.
People don't rhyme, they're just parts of a jigsaw puzzle called life.


Mads said...

fuck man u are something else. this was such a light fun post and i felt like thrashing u at the land of coconut oil wala dig u made at my hometown par all sins forgiven coz of:-
I just hope she doesn't find another one like me
And even if she does
' For You Saheli, a thousand kicks over' :)

i got senti :(
and thats coz i just watched friends ka last episode and then i read ur post.
Don't worry. Saheli won't get another Roy. Thats my raay :)
<3 all dadis are awesome
and hehe ur getting quite fond of OM aunty arent u? ;)

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...


I don't know what to write, there was some personal touch to it.

@saheli, All the luck girl.

rh3a said...

hehe.. that's some way to write ur heart out! and yeah, all old people are cute, aren't they? :)
jus remembered, 'you don't stop laughing cos u grow old, you grow old cos u stop laughing! :D

vanilla sky said...

Esha's dadi sounds so cute :)

Om Aunty seems to be a cool person . Really. Whatever laughs we had over her , cross cross cross.

And Shut Up !! 10 years ??? Nooo!! Let Ekta Kapoor have such storylines , not us !!
When I came to college, I used to do kind of pattern matching initially, thinking she's like P of school, he's like S of school.Later you realise that doesnt work, coz everybody is unique in every little way .

Mads, kick her , she said more bad things abt Chennai :P

@Tyro : Thank You :)

Matangi Mawley said...

that was some "let out"....

you know.. i wish i could write like.. so light and fun! I simply loved the dadi.. so cute!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I solemnly promise that if u make fun of my 'hometown' by making a dig at mustard oil, I won't mind one lil bit :D

The last scene of FRIENDS when everyone leaves their keys and walk outta the door, you keep on wishing that they come back. It's the same for real life friends too :)



hehe there are some delirious old people who still hold on to godzilla customs, but not the one's I like :)


D said...

Firstly, thank you a great deal for such kind comment and an oata of highly penenced poetry.
Talking abouit your feed, I really loved your style of writing...
And yes, there was a personal touch and something so akin that I could relate to some people in my life.
Thank you once again.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

She can be quite strict too :P
Seriously laughs on OM Aunty crossed out.
There's another K serial ending that is one girl kurbaans her love fot the other. hmm hmm.
Or we could have mjht ending:D
(Oh! I forgot we were out of college now :()

@Matangi Mawley:
OMG!! you wishing to write like me?
-hoping some of yours rubs off me :)


No thankus plz :)

Tripat "Prerna" said...

i liked ur writing..indeed amazing :)

Resurgence said...

Well gal... I Second the 'Sultan' (with this title he seems to come straight out of Alif Laila... sorry bhai) on his comment... beautiful post and most importantly a fun filled mature outlook towards life can be seen hidden in those lines... :)

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Tripat "Prerna"

:) ThankYou


:) thanks
I think this is the first time anyone has referred to him as *THE SULTAN*


err... okk!