Sunday, April 3, 2011


Back here after 5 months :)) kaise ho tum log? Everything seems the same yet something is amiss. I miss my people back there.. miss my friends, miss those lazy sundays ,those steamy cups of maggi the 50 mins of test ka tension ,reading blogs via something shady called "shecalledme" . I want to write more but words don't seem enough. All I can remember is what a friend said ,"When people of the same madness level meet they become great friends ". Life does make you meet good people too .. its just that we've probably been too busy to see them.. and now that I know they are there I feel content, happy. I really don't have anything more to write about ,maybe because i'm at peace :)) ttaata


Akansha Agrawal said...

Welcome back >:D< >:D<

"shecalledme"!? Haha... :P :P So glad you found so many friends there. :)

Wish you ALL the best for the career waali life, and get something less shadier to blog now >:P

The Furobiker said...

welcome back hai ji ! :)

Amrita said...

Yep i am from Orissa and thanks for your wishes... and welcome back!!

Resurgence said...

Good to have you back... wow!! content with life!! How many of us can claim that... carry on gal... :)

And haan, peace of mind should actually push you to write more as this is the phase where one could think rationally and clearly... enjoy and have fun... :)

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