Sunday, July 29, 2012

I wish love followed the same rules as maths

Why are people breaking up?

I used to think that love is a candy filled land where every thing is rose tinted and comes covered in gloss... but Kristen Stewart (Bella) ke dhoke ne to meri aankhein hi khol di!!

yaar ! She had Edward and she cheated on him!!  Pehle maine socha.. aisa koi karta hai kya .. is she mad .. I mean c'mon yaar unka 3 saal ka acha khasa live-in relationship chal raha tha ..
All through my college life I have seen people going madly berserk over them, that how they were the epitome of a perfect couple .. gadi bangla mansion swimming pool, heck they even had a pet wolf.. sab kuch to tha unke paas. Just like the famous Raj  once said "chemistry , biology, physics jo chahiye hota hai sab hi to hai " .. but dekho ab kya se kya ho gaya!!!

Even in the movie, Cocktail, the Saif guy was sleeping and living in with Deepika , but it just didn't matter to them. But why? How can such things have no meaning. Where did these people come from and from when did people start becoming so frivolous?

Nahi nahi, main senti nahi ho rahi hu ye soch ke that hayy bechare R Patz ka ab kya hoga, kaise jeeyega,kaha jaega .. I know for sure that he will jump back into the love bandwagon   as soon as he finds the next expressionless bimbette.... but what all of this has got me thinking is that why do people really break up?

Recently , I came across a term -- > "non-serious couple".
By definition, this  is a type of couple who don't really relate to each other, they know that a breakup is unavoidable in the future and  yet what keeps their so called "relation" going is the  incessant "flirting" and most probably the fear of the "single" status. The moment they find greener pastures they run to it forgetting what had once been.
By now some of you must be thinking "what do you know ... spectators don't count.. you gotta run your own race first"
But I am quite sure that you must've seen at least one such couple like this in your lifetime and if you are yourself in one such relationship .. then you probably are understanding what exactly I am trying to say  :D :D

Another thing which had piqued my curiosity of late is “flirting”or “isharee”.  What is this art of flirting, flitting your eyes,crinkling your nose,puckering your mouth.. or just sending some vibes (ishare) across.... This ishara thing always reminds me of two atoms wanting to bond together , or as cocoa programmers would say "its like an object sending a notification to its delegate" .

So, you give some ishara, flirt a little, have a look into the inner person and it happens? Stars burst , pink colored smoke surrounds you and everything falls by itself into place?

and I guess then it happens .* THE BIG BANG!* and suddenly they realize that time's up and they are not in love anymore...

Is that the way the roulette rolls ? Is it all attraction or does cupid really exist?

I am already so fed up of the whole charade .. I mean why even try .. and if you have to try so hard for something which was not even meant to be ,... bhagwan bachaye hume...
I guess there are no explanations for why people behave in such a way , but it just makes me sick to see them like this .

This love thing should be so easy that people should just have a look at each other and know who is right for them. And if they are still in-waiting then they shouldn't go for the emotionless stuff.

Yaar log kabse aise ho gaye .. it kind of takes out my vishwas on humanity .,..

I see so many of the good people around me heart broken .. and many of the silly ones living happily ever after .. 

 Then again, I also see the few lucky ones and guess maybe they too had their heart broken once for someone to stitch it back together. They probably had it in them to go out and find the real thing.

As I wrap up this post, I realize that I am far from dissecting the topic I had started.
I wish love followed some rules or conditions, then everything would be so simple 'coz then everyone could apply them and get the solution right.
But one thing is clear, whether right or wrong, its high time we realize that ye dil hai dil koi khilona nahi hai, ki aap soch lo ki koi bhi chal jaega .. thoda dhyan rakhe yaar ..after all ,apna hi to hai :) :)


Aastha said...

Niceee babes..i guess u just have to meet the right person at the right timee...

Aastha said...

Loved ur line This love thing should be so easy that people should just have a look at each other and know who is right for them. When u knw what they say 'When its right its right'..

Anonymous said...

trial and error works in real life as got to realise that not always u get lucky in the first attempt...and moreover when u finally get that person..u will know that this will last...