Sunday, June 8, 2014

It is after three years of living by myself that I truly feel alone today.

I look around and there's no one around no one in my room.
I have not isolated myself , yes I do have friends who call me, watsapp me but loneliness is a state of mind.

I can be lonely in a crowd, no one is coming to get me.
All the hopes have shed away ,  all the silver linings gone 
this life seems immense
anything could go wrong
and who would come to rescue me

Oh I am so tired of being my own hero , rescuing myself all the time.

The evil queens were the princesses who were never saved.


Amrita said...

Awww...happens sweetie.. i could share so many such instances when i was in ur town and bitten by pangs of loneliness... hmmm it is a very hard time,and cant say this too shall pass that easily... but one day you will be way stronger to look as all this as minor tribulations. till then keep the faith!
and i do not agree that the evil queens were the princesses who were never saved... :D

Mads said...

happens with the strongest of us..
but we gotta grin, and bear it, isn't it???

loved the last line ...