Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I am rattled today and I can contain it no more.
There is the good , the bad and the ugly but there needs to be some outlet.

If there is no outlet then all of it pents up and will burst open.

So here I write and write away my feelings .

I feel a hatred and an anger for things which rattle me.

Every time I hear someone saying "hairs" , its like nails screeching on a chalkboard, I am no grammer nazi but when did people learn to say "HAIRS" , its collective HAIR

Bollywood is not what it used to be, people just make all sorts of movies which give no joy .

I don't know how people ease into it , but I hate the caste system ,  I hate the stupid beliefs ,  I hate that people think that veg food is pious and non veg is not. I think it is their brain which is a vegetable.
I believe in God and respect him for making everything around us & us , but I do not for even one second believe that he made any other rule than being a good human being. I even hate the word "caste" I hate the word hindu , I hate the word muslim I hate all such words I hate the word brahmin I hate the word shudra .

I hate it when some guy with an IQ below average can ping me with a "Hey hot girl" and think he can act fresh !
I hate it when such guys think that flirting is an OK thing to do . (does anyone in this world actually even want a proper relationship)

I hate it when people say "wo studious type ki hai , use pyar me interest nahi hoga" why ? do only dumbos have the right to love ? :-/

The knowledge that however hard I work , I wont be held in same esteem by my seniors as their favorites ,disgusts me.

I hate it so much when people assume that people from "bigger" places are chalu. Place badha ya chota nahi hota , dil hota hai. In fact , I hate even using the words "big town small town".

I hate it when people judge without testing or themselves experiencing the same.

I hate it that I still have to converse with some of my crushes , I hate knowing that they ran after "beauty" and did not accept me. Yes , I did not understand that before , but now I know.

I hate the fact that I am not as good as I wanted to be in my job.

And I hate the fact that even though I have been bestowed less in matters of both beauty and brains , yet endowed with so much of feelings often converted into hot headedness and yet they seem quite valid.

I hate it when people think wanting equal rights is feminism. By all means, please remove the Reserved for Ladies seat and replace it with Reserved for the elderely/pregnant.disabled seats.

I hate knowing the fact that even though I have been there for most of my friends they wont be there for me.

I hate it that people nowadays think that prompt reply is not the in thing to do

And I hate advises 'coz I have heard all of them a hundred times before and implemented too.

I feel much relieved now after vomiting all the bile.
But someday , I will like to throttle the one who tricked me.

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Gomzi said...

u have never bothered what others think and let it be that way. also merit always win in the long run no matter how tough the path is. and u definitely are one a gem of a person. ur friends are a testament to that. so think of the negatives as trivial things in life as the positives are the ones which are gonna take u through the day.