Thursday, May 1, 2008


DLF IPL - a new introduction to the world of Indian cricket . yes it did seem a lil weird that our players were being "auctioned" as if they wr things! Also the resulting division of our country according to it's states, also our players would play with rivals from Australia ,New Zealand & Pakistan . I must admit it did feel really ajjeeeeeeeeb that time that such a thing could ever happen . I was thinking that how wud these players who till now had played with each other would play against themselves . Whatever would happen would have to be seen .

Shah Rukh Khan had purchased the Kolkata team which was to be led by Sourav Ganguly. SRK personally looked into all the needs of the players giving them treatment fit for kings or rather knights . Black & gold sexy uniforms , cheerleadrs , leading brands like Tag Heur , Nokia, Reebok etc as sponsors , theme song by pritam & what not . Aptly named KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS , the attitude & josh was feverish.

Soon the team had a two match win . when they won the opening match against the Bangalorean Team it was taken as an omen that nothing could go wrong with the king's men . SRK by far was & is the best cheerleader a team could get . from bringing almost every known celebrity to cheer for his - our team , yes these were the people who go to the alps in March coz then it's too hot in India for them :). & these wr the people cheering hoarsely & wildly :)

anywhere u went in cal u could hear the anthem " korbo lorbo jitbo re , ami kolkata we rule"

From mashima's , college grls , call centre people , papa's & mummies every 1 was hooked on to these matches . & all of them would proudly say " ami KKR der support korchi "

& then sadly & uncalled for came the losses the 1st one against chennai super kings . all news channels promptly jumped the gun & started discussing that " What wen t wrong" finally every1 thought oh well so what ? it's only 1 loss , we'r sure they'll win in their home ground - @ EDEN .

perked up & tense the whole city waited with baited breath for the KKR's to smash the Mumabai Indians - a team which was yet to taste an IPL victory. The stadium was packed so much that it seemed that it wud burst at the seams :) . it was almost like a national holiday at our college coz more than half o' the guys bunked :)

But Alas ! future had something else in store for us . lets just put it in this way - The Mumbaites were happy .

the thing about people in kolkata is that they cant let a game be just a game the play it with their hearts & evena small failure hits them - quite hard . Among all the 12 IPL teams only kolkata knight riders have a fan club which actually functions . MOst of the spectators wear the black & gold team jersey wit no 12 on it which is same as what SRK wears . He is said to be the unofficial 12th man of the team . after this 2nd loss , we were shatterd , disappointed & what not .

The following morning a write up on the front page of the Times OF India went as " He dressed all the cricketers in some kind of black & golden outfits, brought bimbo cheerleaders , & kept on cheering enthusiastically , but SRK did not realize that all that glitters is not gold , Maybe he should have tried harder ......... "

Are these people idiots??? 1 day they make a man to be god like saying things like " oh he's really lucky " , " surely KKR will win the finals" , " SRK always wins & sees that no1 fails him" !~!!!!!!!

& the next second they trash him saying he bimbo cheerleadrs wr his idea , 7 god knows what . MInd you i'm not some gr8 SRK fan & actually have never liked his ( over) acting except in swades .

But atleast give the guy some respect yaar. Personally , i dont think that he ever went upto Sourav & co . & said " yaar aj plz achhe se mat khelna hehhehhehe " .

This is what the media does to people . When they r @ the top of things they write paens abt them . but the moment failure kisses ur head , journos go wild trying to push the blame .

But again who am i talking about Media & journos wen i very well knw that now more than half of the people have given up on KKR . & mind u i'm talking about those who wud say " ha 4rm kolkata that's y jeetche" , but now or sooner will say " arre ami to age thekei jantam " or " arre ye sab TEam INdia ko divide karne ka nateeja hai" . It is sad , but i wish we wudnt change sides so often . Even we wish that those who support us wud forever do that . i wish our support wud not depend on winning or losing too.

So how many of us will support KKR in their nxt match ? as enthusiastically as b4 ? wear black & gold? fill up eden ? & sing again " KORBO LORBO JITBO RE ,. AMI KOLKATA , WE RULE "


vanilla sky said...

nice write up!

whether its the money factor or something else, i dont want to delve into that, but whatever SRK does, he does with passion !

and of course we r gonna support the team again n again !

its my city, its my team !!!

vanilla sky said...

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A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Good post .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

from kkr
- thanx 4 the support

vanilla sky said...

ha ha!

the snap is grtt! all in one !