Friday, May 2, 2008


"Hate Is... Hate is a feeling that boils with rage.

Hate is a feeling you lose with age.

Hate is a feeling that eats inside.

Hate is a feeling we all should hide. "

All of us love to talk about the thing we love in people , what we like in others or rather how we would like people to channge for us. This want to change people comes from our hatred of a few traits in them .

Thanx saheli for letting me think & write aout what i hate in people after a long time.


1. molesters, rapists, terrorists- the types who dont even spare 7 yr kids , senior citizens & so on . & people who try to save them top my list of hated people . this is in memory of the sad incident of murder of scarlett , it was awful how the goa police put all the blame on bad parentship on her mother. I frankly think that such people should be shot dead the moment they come in human inhabited areas.

2. there is breed of humans which pretends to be know all but are not . point in case I have no qualms about those who really know , but against those who dont & yet in desperate attempt to show off ask feeble questions like " hey sir , the transisitor that u have drawn , uska base width is 1mm less than emitter & that's wrong "

3. guys or girls who can flirt with whoevr & whomever , having no standards . & more so the idiots who laugh on the equally pakao jokes as if its the last joke on earth.

4. infidelity , dhoka , saying 1 thing & doing absolutely the opposite turns me off . OK u may fall out of love , or out of an agreement but atleast have the decency to tell the other that it's not working any more b4 taking a drastic step.

5. People who whole heartedlly take credit for what they have not achieved ie aam koi aur ugaye & koi aur khaye . this is in view of them especially who cheat in exams ( mind u i know the pressures of being an engg, student too well & i know ki in 4 yrs of engg. its ok to do that )

but later on keep on criticizing others marks as if they wr einstein's puttars. Again i dont have anything against cheating or rather ektu dekhano ;) , but those who after a full blown "lukin into the others copy" taunt those who cudnt do the same as them !

Ending this post on happy note however, there is another kind of hate , the type where opposites attract at first they seem to hate everything about each other .

"Only...when I...start to think...about you...

I knowOnly when you...start to think...about me

Do you know...

I...hate everything about you I love you?

You...hate everything about me you love me?" - 3 DAYS GRACE ( this song almost sums up the last thought)

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vanilla sky said...

heyy! such a nice post!
very well written!

i agree, agree , agree, agree and agree !