Sunday, May 11, 2008


I know this wud be most typical to write about my mom 2day , but i can't help it ;)

ma got married wen i w0nt even think of it -23 & 3 yrs later she had me .more than half of the things that i'll write now will start with "ma sez". So , ma sez wen i ws a kid as in 1- 2 yrs ,she thought of me as her protector, as a friend , as some1 wit whom it wud b nice to spend time wit :) . Dad was'nt there most of the time , so we were kind of companions liviing in the same house .

Being the 1st kid i was pampered so much that i wud'nt leave mummy evn 4 1 sec always crying mummy mummy evn if she wud like make me sit 4 a min or so :) .
Then my bro came along but not 4 a moment did i feel anything less in her love for me - evn though as ma sez i was very angry at everybody wen i saw a nu baby besides "my" ma . I'm sorry 4 wat i did back then knowing not that rony wud be som1 whom i'd luk upto.I think she was the one who taught my bro to call me as "didi" a practise he has still not left . She made a Big sister - a person of authority - a person whom my bro would have to follow no matter what - all this wen i was 2yrs :) some may feel , that as too much of a burden for a bacchi , but i never felt that way (she made it feel very natural) .

she was the 1 who taught me to write & read - grasping my tiny lil fingers into hers & making the curves which wud last wit me 4 a lifetime . I still remember how she taught me fractions ( with cake ka eg.) & greater than , lesser than ( big fish eats small fish) .The nuances she taught me while story tellig competions still help me even nw.

Every time I fell she would wipe my tears & prod me to stand up again , wenever i'd write january as janury she'd tell me to correct it & practise it 10 times . Did i say she was strict? hehe
That she was , but no doubt that was for our betterment only.
One gr8 thing about my parents is that they have never forced me into doing anything - later in life they never told me to study or go out n play . If i wanted to spend my summer hols playing & watching TV indoors they had no objections . Unlike them I'm almost no good in sports , but wen u r a teenager u want 2 prove that ya u r better than ur folks . & I started that 4rm cls 5 , so every summer i'd take out my bicycle & try to learn cycling ( hopeless job) & tirelessely throughout the years ma helped me , not 1ce saying " arre koto baar try korbi " or "leave it y waste time" .Never as a teen do i remember her telling me " hey boards r coming up , study hard " or " hey go out n play make more friends !" . She just let me be me.

She's a working mom - as a kid i'd hear in school some other kids saying very pompously " my mom is a housewife - not a working 1" . Could'nt really get it wat made them look down upon children who had a office mom. Only later did i realize that they thought it was abnormal 4 a mom 2 b working either coz they thought that working moms r in families wr dads can't provide enough or wr children are deprived of love & grow up to be some kind of gangsters . Now I don't even want 2 justify them , coz i know my ma has been with me in every step of my life & will be there not just going 2 kitty parties or watching serials ( sorry i dont have anything against homemakers but if there is a sect vich thinks of working moms as derogatory then there can also b a sect vich'll think 'bout them like this) - I believe every woman has there on own capabilities - whether housewife or working one they should take pride in whatever they do.

You should'v seen her wen i passed my boards , she was literally so happy that she was almost jumping all over the house & calling up every1 she knew. :)

Now I'm 20 & we have become more of friends something i would'nt have thought possible 5 yrs back ! , we go out 2 shop , select clothes 4 each other , discuss about heroes , yes & now she's learning maths from me ( have succesfully taught her pythagores theorem & logarithm :) ) .She still pampers me , coz if my day has gone all wrong i know wen mum'll come back she'll give me a tight hug & make everything right.

We all have hated our mothers at some point of time - & some of us have also shouted " I hate u mom" ( weeping at the same time ) . But inside our hearts all of us know how much we love her . we may leave them bak & find new shores . But feel lonely & by some telepathy she calls u up . she'll b the 1 still worrying whether u'v had ur meals @ the right time , or slept right , going out wit the right kind of people & mixing wit "proper" guys or not , hhehhehhehe, even wen ur 40 . That's wat mums do - they build u , they make u - thye take charge of u then let u fly away from them wen the time comes always supporting with all their love.



A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Touchy write ,must tell you , I like the candidness in your posts , that always brings me back to your blog .

vanilla sky said...

awww....such a a sweet post!!

kids looking down upon working moms??
punch ! punch!

and the last paragraph sweetly and rightly sums up the feelings we have for moms!

vanilla sky said...

and ok, your widget is workig, i mean , i can see it, nice one!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

To tyro
thanx again , ya i actually cant do witout my daily dose of frankness :)
To Vanilla sky
yes ! double punch + kick to them

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.

Mads said...

Lovely post :) :)
Miss my mommy :|
Hate living in hostel. Can't get pampered here :|
say hi to your mom :-h :D