Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hey all , have literally been down in the dumps for the last few days , but as they say ''lekin raat ke hi baad to savera hota hai " I'm back & could'nt be feeling better about it . Instead of boring you further with the 'whats & why's ' let me get straight to the topic .
Have realised that however much one puts up with this big bad world & shows that "Ha ! I care two hoots about what you say or F*** off or get a LIFE , dude" , there is a teeny-weeny portion of our heart which feels a lil bad when someone says a awful things about us . & there I was thinking what the hell was I being so morose about ? then realised it was a ' who' the hell was I morose for ?? People , this post is dedicated to those jerks , who have no other work than giving me advice ( ahem) about how I should live my life or rather these are the kinds jinke cheek par mera abhi man kar raha hai ekkkk faaaaaaaattttak lagaoo . :D did you say " the jab we met ' principle , as in where geet anshuman ko bhar bhar ke galiyan deti hai . I actually believe thats good for your health.

Ha ,so a zoooorrrrrrr ka punch to the following **^%%@ ( think of the person you hate the most)
wierdo no 1 ---> those boorish people who pretend to be judges of one or the other reality show . there are many of the same kind roaming in our society , & some of them may be even living in our nieghbourhoods,homes etc. these are those losers who pass comments like " My god how did you lose / gain so much weight " & this will be from som1 who's pakka anoerexic or a blue whale ! . " or " hainnn I thought you were a gooooodd kid , how did you get only 8.37 '" i feel like telling " abbe kabhi integration ka nam bhi suna hai??"

jerk no. 2 ---> the likes of rakhi sawant , & most of the splitsvilla girls ( esp. bosky & bianca ) --- ya everyone realises the their utmost urgency to talk but cant these glorified maid servants atleast talk within normal human decibel range instead of SHOUTING almost anything and everything.
ps - isnt Vishal like sooooo cute ( never thought i'd use that word :p ) hai na???whos Vishal did u ask ?? tune in to Mtv sat 7pm

gadha no. 3 --- now when i see them all i feel like saying is " maar maar ke aisa haal banaoongi & sharm nahi aatii?? " girls also do it all the time but I get more pissed off when a guy does it .
these gadhas try to use quick one liners on you thinking that you'll be swooning over them & what do they do all this for " eh heeh hey darling will u sit in front of me in the next class test or baby could you lend me those notes " YUCK , cant they just straightaway ask for it & plz dont even get me started about the cheap 'quick' flirts . I dont how many of such people can i take on !!!

madam idiot ---> she tells me to wear a salwar kameez citing it as a formal wear IN COLLEGE !! all the time !! will some one please tell her kind about things like backless 8 stringy salwaar kamezzes?? & its not like i wear tank tops & prance around . seriously ! this is also the kind which believes any one & everyone must get married by 24 :o
air ,air i need oxygen . before any of you jump down my throat , let me also clarify that i dont have any problem with people wearing it , i myself had it as school dress , but its just a matter of choice .

hahaha,am really enjoying this now

duffer no 4-- you guys must have experienced this that the so called 'comitted' couples get possesive about their other half as soon as a singleton arrives , throwing various warning glances at you all of which say " mera saiiyaan sirf mera hi hai ' ohhh god , & then these duffers start linking you up with anybody you speak to & mind you that is supposed to be a ploy of theirs :p , somebody please give them some sense of security as ashirwaad !!!!!

and of course last but not the least
loser no 5 ---> what can i say about these losers yaaaar , inke khilaf kuch bolo to gussa ho jate hai . Yup , they have never taken a sane bit of advice once in their entire life because , yaaa how do they put it " I'm the best , why should I see beyond myself " meaning " I have an ego the size of a T-Rex " !!!! They think that they have every right to demean everyone else , but if you dare say anything against him / her basssssss you'r dead man !!

aaahhhhh !!! am already feeling so light :D this venting out session was good . I mean I've finally got it out of my system , negativity zindabad !!! actually i just wanted to give all of the above 1 tight slap & was rearing to go . Immaturish , did you say ? to mat bol na yaar , gussa sab ko hi aata hai :)

ps - friends who know me personally -- plz i want to say this in a way as less rudely as possible , but plz dont question me whether whatever I post was / is true or not , coz it is , remember the title , ? :) confirm kyu karna ? :)


The Furobiker said...

u worried abt 8.3??
i m livin happily at 6.0

vanilla sky said...
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vanilla sky said...

maids and their bitching , that too sitting in our kitchen ...drives me mad

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Hahaha ...Fatak!!! ,you actually watch splitsvilla :D Hahahahhahahahahaa.
I believe in a mantra, I try to get liked by people all around me, I try hard , I try to win one smile from ppl around me,I try it on auto uncles, my friends , my colleagues ,the gal next apptmt ;). sometime I screw up, sometime I succeed , sometime I am high, sometime I am low, sometime I do bring out the ugliness in myself and vent out rancid moronic venom
slandering the person I detest and then I feel bad, why I did so , but then I am not a perfect human, but still I identify my faults , and then I try to rectify them , one bad bad gyan from a foolish friend ' Try becoming the reason of smile on the visage of most rude persons ' and someday you'll find you are a sweetheart for many ppl.

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

if resurgence is 'Solomon'
I am 'Gobbo'.

if resurgence is Diamond
I am cow dung .

if resurgence is Intel Core2 Extreme Notebook
I am pocket calc .

par resurgence en meye kuch bhi nahi hai , wo mera dost hai, and definitely we are not the same person , after all he is the one who can't dance .

joie de vivre said...

u r tryin to b truthful haan
i can see some..

Slimy Death said...

he he gud observations
the commited couple one is true to the hilt !!!!
BTW whts splitsvilla ?
guess the same show after roadies ryt
I haven't seen it yet but ppl tell me the girls are kewl
So whoz complaining if they shout or cry :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@abhishek khanna
shut up , anyone who reads your blog would know u r working . & 6.0 must be something like your flat no.

@vanilla sky
hehhehhe tell them to shut up na

hehehe thankeeee

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

its not so easy to be the good gal (always) as for your advice , nice one , but lemme find some rude ppl :P , its easier to find people who wanna trample over you . am not really opposing you , but lifes not a sweetheart , its just the way we see it :) -- make it our spouse

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@slimy death
hahahha arre i see it na thats why am getting frustrated with the show as well as myself for enduring it

tejuvinay said...

you were questioned for 8.37 :O

Either you are an exceptional bright student who scores straight 10s or your neighbor is.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@uchiha tejesh
arre yaar im cribbing against ppl who think my 8.37 is like some hitler ka failure ! & waise bhi plz dont mind for saying but Im not in THE IIT jaha even 5 ptrs have a book written in their tribute .

Mads said...

excuse me? u get 8.37 ?
*removes u from my blogroll list*
:| ur a dhabba on my friendship.
hehe i loved the post. u vomitted all your negativity in such a cool way \:D/
im something like loser no.5 waise :D i hate criticism and will keep advising every tom dick and harry \m/ :P :))
and yes, i hv a huge ego. like i hate pinging boys on gtalk. they hv to ping me first :|
which they but obviously dont, coz they have a bigger ego than mine!! X-(