Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Have I become snobbish of late , or rather out of touch with reality? I feel as if have created a world of high ideals which even i cant satisy all the time . no smoking , drinking or pyar mohaabat , & I think only I'm well off without these. .No bitching ( well , sometimes), no emotions, no laughing at 'sex'y jokes -How nicely has this art been perfected by me or maybe not coz I'm not like that in college - have I started caring whether people take me seriously or whether they percieve me as 'cool' or then again is it all an attempt to be someone who's out of league & 'different'?But I dont fake emotions , then what is it?
/*A friend once said " I know you think of me as a wierdo or rather a person who's just too common , but I'm the one whos normal"*/
And , now again I think , am i boring you all with my jibberish again , have'nt I bored you enough with my over enthusiasm?
Just some thoughts , these were , wish someone would say " wats this " & slap me now to wake me up from whatever crazy thoughts have been thinking .


The Furobiker said...

ye ek jor ka thappad tha
get up
ur friend is absolutely normal
i wont say more :D

Amrita said...

thanks for stopping by my blog we share the same name i suppose :)

joie de vivre said...

hmmm..u need to wrk upon urself...time to rennovate emotins,jokes,frnds n life.. shayad

i dnt kno u so dats just a line frm me..
tak it if it can help u!!

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Bakhuda Tumhi Ho - Kismat Konnection
Oh I love that song, have been listening it for days now . Don't think so much , just be yourself ,
99 slaps one smile .

Resurgence said...

Little gal.... Don't worry. Sometimes one feels shitty about oneself and in that moment tries to berate himself/herself. I assume that this post was a result of those emotions. As for high set of ideals and things like that...... they are your own and so be proud to wear them off your sleeves..... You will realize that your dear ones most probably are proud of your principles.

As far as chanta is concerned I have a 'principle' of not hitting a girl. So you are safe.

And for your comment on my post... I beg to differ. I still feel that there are people who care for others and such a lot will be there as long as time remains a valid concept

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

thank you to all of you for bearing with me so patiently & giving me the best advice ever. :)

@abhishek khanna
hahhaahha wo to pata hai dude , but thanx for the chanta , akal khul gayi :)

same here :D

its really nice of you to put in such a beautiful line for someone who's just visited your blog once :)

I love it too , but I like the remixed version better . & ya waiting for ugly & pagli :D

tyro & you seem to be different people alltogether but both of u write really good blogs .& thanx for the advice , you are so right , here was silly me getting all worried up about the fact "ki maine kuck galaat nahi kiya" & also ya i guess there r some people who do care , all we need is to put an effort into being that person .