Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's Holiday Time

Haven't been out of Kolkata in ages , & am finally going out (Hyderabad to meet dad) . Can't remember the last time I was on a train.
I love the view outside when it's all dark outside , & the train whistles slowly :) :) .
Has been almost a week since my hols started & guess what am already missing college . I mean idling , sitting around , shopping -- have done all that , but somehow...... going to college brings out a whole plethora of activities . The long walk towards our building , that rushing off to the loo just 2 mins before lab , the canteen chow , the library ka A.C & many more things . But one good thing that these chutti's have done is that i have sort of regained my old confident self :D :D. I miss all the masti & friends .

Again bouncing off to a completly different topic -- have you wondered how funny some of the 'friend requests' on orkut are??
for eg: hey let's be my friend ( ya baby there's no harm in being your own friend !!!! )
or wanna make friendship? ( duh & what are the ingredients ?? )
or what is the meaning of your dp ( are you blind or something ?? thats just a girl there ! )
Guess what happened once ?? Fresh out of Jab We Met effect , there was this guy from 'ratlam' who send me a request & I actually went to his profile & pata chala that was the sleaziest guy from there !!!!

Read somewhere , a guy chooses a girl based on her beauuuuutyyy , & a girl does so based on the guy's intelligence . If that is true , girls are the more intelligent lot ,anyways & if its not that means the vice versa is true ? ain't it ?

Anyway don't have anything more to write about & am ending this post soo abruptly , here's wishing you all a very happy puja / dussehera :D :D ENJOY

ps : this blog song 'jane kyun' is dedicated to all my friends .


Preeti said...

heh heh. Have a nice time :) enjoy :)

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Gay song :) , Hydrabad hmm ,enjy gal ,Happy pujo.

Solitaire said...

Have a good time!!

Hope you are able to miss holidays when you get back to college!

Priya Joyce said...

njoy dear

and the idea of urs to write abt frnd's req was cool a pretty hilarious too!!

Tara said...

Hey, enjoy your time completely alright! Happy Pujas and Dussehra to everybody :) The friend requests on Orkut bit was indeed very funny :)


Azra Raphael said...

i like that song! but its dedicated to friends nah? :|

have a happy,safe trip!

Keshi said...

yes most guys go for beautiful girls...and most girls go for intelligent guys. So, poor guys lol!


peter said...

and it's just opposite for me go back to kolkata (home) from hyderabad(collg) and i miss durga puja of kolkata ....!!

happy puja and keep blogging !

Ekta said...

hah..oh yes have encountered these sleazy "friend variety" on orkut too!
Hope u have a grt time in hyderabad

Deranged Insanity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Orkut should be labelled as matrimonial site instead of social-networking site. I mean seriously, I hate orkut now.

Think Tank said...

oh man ..ditch orkut ..its d dumbest sute on earth

Anonymous said...

Dussehera is that day in which truthness won from bad powers. Ram Chander ji is the sign of truthness and Ravan is sign of bad powers.
Learn more fro my thought on Dussehera

Saranya S said...

Happy Poja :)
Hope u have a great hols!

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anwesa said...

happy journey!!nice post yaar!guys see,gals think.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I know those idiotic friend requests are as good as a roach pie , but at the same time it is through orkut that i have come in contact with many of my friends with whom had completly lost any contact .So i guess there's a lil good & lil bad in everything . ( after all good wins over evil :) happy dussera & puja , again )

Meher :) said...


Happy Dussehra - belated wishes though :)

Orkut - with all its stupidities in it - I still love it :) Better than any other site, including face book! Comes across as an easy to use networking site and then... I found almost all of my old friends from school & college and its a great way to keep in touch too :)

james said...

hey its been a long time since i visited your blog. I was actually on a vacation.Is it mere coincidence that I was also jaunting in hyderabad?

As for orkut, desperate men turn to desperate measures in desperate

S.. Diva said...

hope u had a good puja :)
random guys sending friend requests on orkut.. damn!

peter said...

I knwo this is npt the right post ...

but do join this orkut community for blogger buddies

after all this is not a FRAAAND SHIP REQST from a MORON :P

ShantanuDas said...

Hi.. Nice rich colours... reminds me of a bedroom I saw in somebody's house... u shld try in your own house when you build one... blv me it will look nice and cosy.

Btw where is that kalyansuman's blog? I came to your site from the comments feed and am not getting his site...!!!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

same here

u were there too??? same pinch didn't get to visit salarjung though :(

i have a sis who shares your name , ya damn weird orkut guys.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

joined it :)

u know what?? i had the same thing in my mind while choosing this template . one day when i have a house of my own i"ll do that :)