Friday, October 31, 2008

It's only words...

11 am , two days back : After solving ( rather cracking my head) over 3 very disturbing sums , switched on the radio & lo what could be playing?? --"DISTURBIA" . The RJ was having her usual chit-chat with callers with the topic being " What hurts you the most", various people called & then there was this girl who said " It's like we tide over the great failures life offers us but somehow we feel disturbed if someone doesn't smile at us , or laughs at us " .

Is that true?? How many times has it been that some random guy/girl cold shouldered us & we developed a grudge against them? How much time did it take for us to get over the fact that we flunked our maths exam? less or more?

I thought over it , & found some of it to be true .

11 years back :We had bought this bed with a huge bed stead . clumsy me fell on it & got an 'anda' on my lil head , ma said " ooof stop being an idiot " next day my bro followed suit & mom applied ice . I noticed. After a week i was crying buckets , when ma asked what happened ?? *You called me an idiot , but didn't say anything to him* ( sobbing sobbing). Understanding the emergency of the situation ,she pampered me like hell *smiling*.
That was the time i had felt bad that we weren't treated equally & promptly forgot all the times my bro got scolded bocz of me. How selfish na??

How emotional we are na?? As we grow up & learn the finer nuances of life , we build these walls around us which stop us from calling out to people , stop us from telling them that they've hurt us . Rather we magnify small things & lose ourselves in it.

But there are times when we need to speak out loud , appeal & make people listen to us .These are the times when staying mum just won't help .

Both ways round , the more we speak & let people know about how we feel , the better they"ll know not to hurt us , not to chide us , but to comfort us , to be friends with us & lastly to point out our mistakes to us.

I really wanted to write about something positive & bursting with joy types ,but...right now , I feel there's a need for people to communicate with each other rather than keeping all the emotions bottled up.


Preeti said...

agreed hands down dear. never good to have two faced feelings towards anyone. But the hitch lies where, the receiver forgets to see our outspoken nature and only sees the sting in our words. I believe we should have an attitude "accept me the way I am, not my fault if I am not a two faced B**ch"

The Furobiker said...

:) nice thoughts.. sometimes is it so good to talk instead of bottling up feelings..

Think Tank said...

ok i ahm communicating ...please smile at me ..actually yes it hurts wen tend to notice the ommission far more than the commission of love ..but an was made stupid

Tara said...

Very true dear! I saw this movie called Dus Kahaniyaan today. In that, there's a story by the name Gubbare. Pretty cliched but the lesson is something I must learn. Tell things as they are, if you love someone tell them, if you don't like something about someone, talk it out to them, but as softly as possible.

If we believe in accept-me-as-i-am attitude, fine but it applies to the other person too, accept them as they are. It's really about personal choices, the trick lies in being kind and also being a patient listener. Oooff....bahut funde marne lagi hoon main...!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

i know , some ppl have a problem doing that ,read tara's comment.

@abhishek khanna
it is

@think tank
u & racheal are the same person??
thats what na ,the fear of being made stupid stops us from voicing our opinion.

tere funde bilkul sahi hai , infact it made me understand quite a bit, yup putting across things without being rude will definitely be more helpful.
btw have seen that movie too , & liked the story called "Rice Plate"

Tara said...

Perfect Amrita! Yes, I loved rice plate too, really well made with a beautiful message! :) And am glad I have one listener at least, my friends say "Bakwaas bandh kar!" :( He he...:)

vanilla sky said...

true true

The comments and the post made wonderful read :)

Karthik said...

Bottling up grievances wont help!! Let them be opened into the air!!

Trinaa said...

i totally agree...!! communicating is very important...maybe i shud head over to mumbai asap..u noe..2 communicate my feelings to 'somebody' whn deepika is nt arnd..u wanna cum dear?? :P

nicely written..its simple n easy n goes straight to d heart..keep writing! :)

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

:), profound thoughts .Very meaningful .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

arre friends to aise bolte hi hai :)


xactly dude .

e take me along too :D that way i can pin down deepika & u can talk to him & you do vice versa for me .OK??

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

" profound " naya word sikha hai na :)
profound=deep , of high intellect , unqualifiable
i hope last wala nahi hai

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

haan yaar, :) ,
Today I went to bank again, :) . I read the extra pages from Deccan Herald , there was one article from Ruskin Bond , its about simplicity . I am a 'FAAAN' of R.K narayan kind of english , and lakshman kind of toons , they are so simple yet so beautiful . Its not the language but the thoughts that are more
" PROFOUND ". So don't get misled by those URL's. Tu to killer hai yaar :)

Keshi said...

Such a beautiful n positive post!

U said it the best. We all seem to hide our real emotions at the back of our minds and try to move on...but it only eats us up.

So often, small things crush us badly. We dun realise it. But like u said, if we talk abt em in the open, there's so much hope of resolving alot of it. Sadly, some ppl dun wanna talk abt such things.

**...right now , I feel there's a need for people to communicate with each other rather than keeping all the emotions bottled up.

Spot on!


Sruthisagar Yamunan said...

First of all I don't give a shit as to whether people hurt me or like me or any other stupid thing. I hate going around telling people that I like them or love them or any other useless thing. And I find it completely normal to build that huge wall around ourself and make sure we don't lose our individuality coz we want someone else to love us or like us. This stupid love thing doesn't appeal to me a bit. Is it not ridiculous to go around and tell people 'hey I love you...hey I hate you' YUCK....girl's stuff that!!!

:D :D :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ab to main khud bhi bolungi "main to killer hu :D :D " I used to love those malgudi stories . & in school we used to have one story every year about 'kicchu' -narayan . still miss them .

thanx :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@twisted elegance & wateva
yup just imagined the situation where i go & tell everyone how much i like / hate them .
*Is it not ridiculous to go around and tell people 'hey I love you...hey I hate you' YUCK....girl's stuff that!!!*
reading your posts *my life sucks* i feel u do that all the time.agar meri post ka simple anuvad karo so it means :"don't let ppl hurt u , & esp dont keep mum when they do so"

Amrita said...

so true!! one life what s the point in keeping our thots in our head :D
khuul ke jiyo!

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

ha ha ...

Trinaa said...

arrey ekdum..d more d merrier right? :P

Akshay said...

Sure thing!! Most of the problems in adult relationships happen because of this....

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

haina?? ki fayda , bindass bol dal

oi ye ad mujhe bada pasand hai , jab main super rich banoongi tab main bhi aisi hi gaddi kharidongi & aise hi mast heels pehenoongi :D :P

nahi nahi main mere pyaar ko sirf ek bar hi baant sakti hu , no moreee :D :D hum do jano ki setting hi sahi hai :p

thank god!! & was afraid that some might think of it as childish.

Resurgence said...

Gal..... Getting someone's approval/ acknowledgment of/ for anything (in fact ur existence too and tats why tat comment on smile by the girl) has been a tendency for most of the human beings..... its not always emotional but many a times a way of reassurance.... but a well written post........ :)

And haan read ur not meant for comments by guys posts too..... :)... I really don't know why u censored it anyhow.... :)... And as far as being feminist goes... chk out for once.... there is a difference between being a feminist and advocating women's empowerment..... i do hope u belong the latter category.... :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

i belong to the latter & don't believe in naare bazi , pata hai i don't ask a guy a get to get up if he's sitting on a 'ladies seat' , rather look in the other direction(apni mahanta khud hi kar rahi hu)