Tuesday, November 25, 2008


"ye jo waqt hai na , jo hum yahan bita rahe hai ,
dekhna aage jake ise yaad karenge aur hasenge"--geet

I just realised how true these words are , every time a year goes by , a moment goes by we don't realise how special it is unless you recount it and get this nostalgic feeling. That may take years to happen but it does , sooner or later.

Have my practical exams going on , and was thinking about the way I would think about them after say 4 years . something rushed back - me doing an experiment on the potentiometer -Cls 12th.
I still remember how R. almost cried because she had forgotten the use of a vernier calliper ,how physics sir had referred to my tuition mates as "monkey guys " :). More memories rushed back from class 10th, the last time I celebrated my birthday in class amongst a huge chorus of "Happy
birthday Amrita" & then handing out toffees to all & one .

Something changed after class 10th.The 3 month long break did something to all of us , we became 'different' , tiny T suddenly became a 6 footer & was hence called tall T. , C moved to another class & we had to meet up during tiffin time ( so saheli , I've had practise :) ) , king kong stopped singing , while Mr. doc started , Sa was the first one to have a bf,so many memories & they all come rushing to you as if they were all a part of a yesterday which was yet to be forgotten.

And now for the reason why this post was written - it's dedicated to A.C. A.c came in class 11th , the kind of guy who looks sweet & stylish at the same time , had curly hair ( i still remember), he had this dude thing going for him & mind you that was the time when we didn't even use the word "dude". That was the kind of guy who wouldn't even look at a girl like me ( that was the year i got my specs ) , but would talk to me when needed & lo-downs like me would feel like princesses ( now i know that was what 16 felt like). So how did the bubble burst??
He was also in my physics & maths & chemistry tuitions ( actually 4 other guys were also in the same batch) . We had this physics tuition test & were discussing questions , so AC who's sitting besides me askes me " oi amrita resisitivity ka unit kya hai" .
me : " resisitivity?? seimen"
AC : " as in s----??"( he actually spelled it !!!! )
The other guys slammed their heads & I had THE most quizzical expression on my face with my jaw almost dropping to ground zero. for one second I thought maybe it was one of those silly guy jokes , but the look which the others were giving clearly said otherwise . * & that's how the cookie crumbled* I realised I could not ever have a crush or even think of having a crush on someone whose mental box is sooooooo empty.

Aaaaahh memories & memoirs , how they still bring a smile in times which will be remembered again.

ps: inspired by priya joice's priya & sahil


Anonymous said...

Haha...that was totally resistive! :D
Man...how can one be like that...sheesh...
Memories indeed...I was just having a nostalgic time...there was no power till like 10 mins ago, and having nothing to do I sailed back into the past...had just gone back till my final yr in engg that the power was restored...will write sometime about that! :)
Waise...All the very best for the practicals! :)

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

I had a huge crush on a gal named P.C, I had a small dedication on her name just on the corner of my bed sheet( innovative ).We shared chemistry tuition ,actually tharki A.B(chem prof) came to her house, I was a bit confused about the crush, was it P.C or was it her elder Sis . P.C was ulti cute intelligent , no I don't care about guys type and her elder sis was I need not wear a pajama ( only kurti ) in front of my 11th std sis frnds type . The worst part was I always ended up in total blunder in her house . There were lot of cats who used to lick around, which consistently drew my major attention so I was always in a state of panic . One day I even broke their wash basin :).

I don't know weather it was about the wash basin , but I saw her hanging out Raj , ........after a few days I had a crush on S.S.priya .....when last heard , she actually walks on the ramp . Schools were gr8 in the two yrs of Co-education I had some crush , but I couldn't even talk to some girls . They thought I was some kind of "ass....." , may be I was.

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Forgot to mention , .............Fodu post , just the kind you need before an examination :))) .

Pata hai the only time I got a 'A' in maths, the night before me and mr.S were writing a love letter . And the best part is S is finally marrying that gal :) .

Priya Joyce said...

ahaaa ...kya experience hei.....btw 12 practicals mein sabka dabba gol hota hei phir R kya cheezm ei :P

wow happy to see tat ma post inspired ya

Karthik said...

Irkin me 2 write my memories!!! IS unit of resistivity Ohm?? lol!! Hey r u sitin n ma xam hall?? Hw cum u'd found i'm a late comer??

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hehhehe ya he really did & now i can have a good laugh about it .waiting for your post.

bedsheet corner ??? :D :D novelty shovelty , i wanna call PC priyanka chopra ( waise do u know about a prianca from splitsvilla?? :P ) her elder sis did that , wo bhi class 11 ke bare bhole bhale bachho ke samne (btw how old was she , my guess not more than 22 :P)
u broke their wash basin hehhheehe kya kar raha tha us pe bhi dedication likh raha tha hain???

@tyro again
I always got an O in maths :D ( yes i like to boast), your friend's getting married to dreamgirl , wah ji wah , save some damsel in the wedding :P

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@priya joice

it really did , u know the mo' I read your post , my mind went into flashback mode.:)

the unit of resistance ohm while that of resistivity has already been mentioned .(what an educative post it is na?? :P ) naaa i called you a latecomer because of the review of JTYJN it released 6 months back.

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

'O ' koi garde hai kya ........'O' hahahahahahahahaha..........sorry .
Amy get 'O' in maths , hahahahahahahahaa........
P.C is piyali Chakravarty...:) .

I know what 'O' is , yaar apna grading system alag tha. Its not marks based , it was percentile based.

peter said...

School days till 10th were the best days of my life ..i changed my school in 11th and sulked myself with a bunch of freaking airheads ..who were damn good in studies and din even give a tiny rat's ass to what evryne else cared & that included me for some reasons ....well they all were amazingly brilliant and made their ways to either IITs or some best medical colleges...!!

so i dun regret much the last 2 years of my skool life yeah but engg life had been fun it is just one more sem left and then I may disappear somewhere ..Nostalgia will again insinuate within hearts sometym in future when i vil think of these days ...!!!

btw ....an awesome post by you tho i had tried to say same thngs thru a poem but simple write ups are better ways to connect perhaps :)

Tara said...

Old time...beautiful times...cherished memories! Lovely post Amu! Got me back to my school days, actually left school just this year! Waise hi, I am all senti-senti this week, met up with my entire gang over the weekend, for once our plans materialized! And since then, all of us have been sob-sob. *sniff sniff*...*sniff some more*...*and a little more*...:)

Karthik said...

I guess u wud've studied n CBSE.. We in matric were thought unit of Resistivity s Ohm Metre and smething (Nt to blame ma Phy teacher).. Yep!! It s an educational post indeed!! Iwtchd JTYJN a week aftr its release n theatre but since I dunno Hindi i cudnt relate to most of t dialogs!! 3days back i watchd wit Subs!! And don miss ma nxt review on much antipicated, ur fav ABJ's Drona!!!

vanilla sky said...

awww...sweet post :)
its true that recollections makes moments special.
and such jokes used to make me mad in early days :x
p.s: your HANGOVER continues

Think Tank said...

ouch physics...i wud hav more to comment if i wasn't faint

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ooo so we are taking names now piyaliiii :)yaya i know u know what O is ,percentile system eh?? then you aren't a WBUT student nor JU ka baccha hmmmmmm.
waise tyro its ok if u wanna take a break from blogging but blog to delete mat kar , they were nice posts

I know my 11th & 12th were also immersed in studies & people who knew nothing else . but now i've met those people and they aren't that stuck up now.
posts do convey a lot & so do poems , the poem you wrote brought forward the angst you felt & guilt too. hope i didn't get that wrong.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

everytime i meet up with my old school gang , its like loads of gossip, fun , bitching & digging all the rumours and discussing what & why had happened . :)

good guess i was in cbse :) nooooooooo dronaaaaaaaa nahiiiiiiiiiii

@vanilla sky
arre i used to see red wen such jokes would come up , anyone who would say bitch or f&%@ would be my jani dushman , but the guy in question wasn't joking , he was sincerely asking that !!!
:P hangover could mean many things

guess 1. i drunk something ( which i did not) & wrote this post.
guess 2. i still like cute guys
guess3. i have stopped liking cute guys & like only high IQ guys ( which being in college has taught me that such guys are not at all bharose mand)

@think tank
cmoooon.its ok if u didnt like physics:)

Karthik said...

ILTTBT (short of ur name), have put the links fr Vijay and Ajith.. Check it at the footer of my post.. My post s on DRONA so fr ur well being, so to the end!!

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Koi bhi blog delete nahi kiya, I have them all , actually few of my office ppl came to know about my blog ...and they were making fuss on that....kuch din bad jab saanth ho jayega to phir se blog karunga, ulti busy ..bachchi . No kiddo din I tell you I am illiterate , I am a real life sweeper ...I am trying hard to get some formal education :), JU hmmmmmm . I completed B-Com pass course :D .

vanilla sky said...

hangover meant JWM

Resurgence said...

He he .... nice one....:).. I remember how I always wished to celebrate my birthday in school but that day would be a holiday on any account... Sunday, Bharat Bandhs etc etc... And I finally had it Std. X after a gap of 9 years!!!!!!!!!...... :)

Nicely written gal... it gave me a reason to smile after going through the news channels for last 12-4 hrs... and also the realization then when nothing is sure about life anyhow.... why not live it to fullest.. :)

Anonymous said...

My 12 grade is a memorable year for me be it in school or tuition.. but I never had this kind of experience..

Nice post

PI said...

nice blog. and yeah guys can crack exceedingly lame jokes.
memories are mostly beautiful things.can't imagine my life without'em! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

dronaa , o god

oo office me hulchul ? ya the whole idea is to be anonymous & people must be like oooo blogging isn't that the same thing that amir khan does.!!

ooo it will it will

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

my bday usually falls in the summer hols time , so have celebrated it in school only 4 times ( i think).

The Mumbai episode is horrendous , people killed in Grand , very awful.

what does your name mean??" :O

@pseudo intellectual
he wasn't cracking a joke yaar then it would have been classified under 'flirting' , which would have been too much of an acknowledgment for someone like me!!

Mana said...

This post made me nostalgic :)

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep visiting.

The Furobiker said...

hehe.. yeah.. when we friends remember our college days .. its like. shit man kya bakwaas bato pe hum ladai karte the.. those things were tooo insignificant as we see now.. but u know.. it really feels great remembering those moments

btw nice names u have for ur friends. :D

Keshi said...


hows u?


joie de vivre said...

gals wid gud sense of humar r hard to find u kno
njoyed lot readin ur post yaar

Anonymous said...

hey memories are wonderful, nostalgia even more. For me they form an integral part of life. some how i cant move away from good or bad memories....

U threw me back 10 yrs when i finished back school and it was such a emotional time parting from long time friends with thoughts some of them might never come across again and they were true :)

vanilla sky said...

oyye, just now i realised siemens is the unit of conductance
resistivity's unit is ohm metre

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

no need to say thanx :)

@abhishek khanna
believe it or not those were their real pet names :).
ya those things do seem childish , once you've left 'em behind ,but us time pe wahi most important lagta hai.

exams about to start yaar , study ,study & only studies .
ps- usually i wont say sorry for this but sorry didn't comment on your post this time.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

nice pic :) . pata hai you are one of the few gals who look cool in glasses ( actually intellectually sexy )

*with thoughts some of them might never come across again and they were true :)*

ya those were the times when we hadn't become rats of this race.

@vanilla sky
heeee bhaagguuu , 5 years of leaving school & this is the result , * if my physics teacher had read this !!!!! *
:( :( abar title change korte bhal lagche na.

joie de vivre said...

now wvwn m inspired by u gals..

Unknown said...


AC, curly hair, resistivity, interesting! :D

Unknown said...

P.S. Isn't Siemens the inverse of resistivity?

Mads said...

i hv no clue abt siemens and resistivity..im an arts students (wid pride, thats why the sanity remains \:D/) lol
but lol what a post rofl :)) :D =)) i wud love to see the expression on ur face when he said that :D :D
ahh crushes and infatuations in school... (i sound so old :P)

p.s-i had posted a comment here before :(( where did it go :(( anyway im back to comment :P