Sunday, November 16, 2008


What happens when
you see John a. and can't breathe for the next 5 mins.

What happens when
you think that is that Abhishek B. acting gay or how can someone enact
so well????

What happens when
you know that you may weigh lesser than most people , but can never
be 5"8 , can never wear slinky yet supaa stylish threads &well
can't do many many things like living in Miami.

What happens when
after a decade of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai , you go to see Dostana

What happens when

you think this is another review of the movie with a name which is
another word for happy.

What happens when

you can't be sweet & have to say the second half was boring

One of the basic characteristics of mine are that I can't be sweet , I can be nice , can be funny , crazy , but I can't be diabetes inducing. My voice lacks that quality , you know how some people can do those "ooooooo's" & "aaaaa's" . The scene which I could really connect to was when P.C ( everyone's calling her that now) , didn't get the promotion & is disappointed & almost crying.
Having read Vanilla sky's post , i was reminiscensing about the days , a decade back when K2H2 entered our lives :) .The movie which defined coolness & like SRK puts it " the clothes will go out of style , but the coolness of that movie will never go out of style".

Like someone said to me once ( I think it was Resurgence ) --"Girl be proud of the principles you stand up for , coz they are yours".
I think I have been overtly positive for quite a bit of time , there's nothing wrong in that , just that , it sometimes makes you forget that not everybody is as right as I might think they are & makes you callous. It's like I have been waiting to be kicked , but how could I have already forgotten the kicks I had already suffered . One of the possible ways of doing that is to close your eyes to people & their ways. I still believe that , somewhere down there there's a good person in all of us , it's just that we have learnt to be selfish so that we don't get hurt by others. I don't mind being selfish ,I used to be one of the most self centered people & could see an oppurtunity in almost everything I do. I think some of that persona has still stayed with me , but most of it had been forgotten , Guess I need to get some of it back.

Have you realised how many I's I've used in the previous para?? My mom used to say we shouldn't be an I person but a WE person.
SRK says
" It's not lonely at the top , It's alone". Friends go on their own respective ways after their tenure with us , new people take their place , I was wondering will it be the same when I leave bloggerville??
I think I'm one of the few people who won't say "blogging is my life & I can't live without it"
or " I have found immense friendship in co- bloggers & can chat with them all through the day". True I like the straightforwardness of some bloggers
& almost think of them as friends , but I also have real friends in the real world . hehehe did i just say friends again , the business of friendship is a lil complicated , i mean here i am talking about the great virtues of real life friends whereas even i don't know whether my blog friends or the real life ones will stick with me 3 years from now.But I also know that as long as I'm here , whether the 'here' is e-blogger or real life or dreams , I might as well make the most of it ,actually be with the people who are in that realm.

What happens when
you think that this post sounds too confused.

What happens when
your mind wanders back to John & his dimples .

Well , you end the post , thinking that from next time you"ll use an excuse like *both my hands were chopped off & am now typing with my tongue*
(courtesy uchhia tejish). But for now , all i can think is of two very straight blokes kissing (each other) like ,like , like , like......


Resurgence said...

So....... you Njoyed the movie!!.... I should have guessed that considering the screams of girls throughout the movie.... To me the movie was average apart from few decent laughs.... Though it was gr8 with the opening song and scenes of PC........ Abhishek acted well though.... :)
Aur Gal..... Future ke baare me itna jyada nahi sochte... Dimaag me short circuit ho sakta hai.... :)

Priya Joyce said...

haha it seems tat u njoyed a lot...
Uff Gay

wanna see AB in tat role....

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Ha ha ... :) , enjoy girl . I'll second Mr.Oracle .
The post was very well written .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

tum log pagal ho kya?? maine to clearly likha hai ki mujhe boring lagi ,u didn't get that??

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Ok @resurgence , priya joice & tyro

see the movie had its moments , but I didn't find it hilariously funny ,i actually got bored in some parts . wish they had not brought in chamku . i mean they had to obviously bring in a 3rd guy coz PC was always best friends with them *yes i know she was blind* &hence could not have chosen b/w them , but i just wish 3rd guy was some dashing cool dude like maybe shahid kapoor not bobby bhaiyya.

vanilla sky said...

you didn't like? sad sad...
yea, Bobby Deol is just not happening

And don't crib about height...stillettos are now back in fashion

peter said...

I did not see DOstana for two reasons

1. concept of the movie freaks me out
2.I had seen Drona so i am scared enough to see Abhishek Bacchan's movie for next 5 yrs at least :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

i didn't hate it either , the 1st half was funny ,i felt the kantaben jokes were funnier by far.You know my experience with stilettos *sigh*

1. the gay scenes in the movie were the ones when it came alive. it's rightly said john-abhishek are the duo to look out for .

2.Abhishek as the wifey & john as the brooding dude , they finally did it , finally proved that they can act in 'unconventional' roles with élan.

vanilla sky said...

Now what on earth are Kantaben jokes? I keep reading about them in Dostana interviews, reviews :(
Who is/was Kantaben? The lady who used to live with Saif in Kal ho na ho?

Tara said...

Going to watch Dostana this weekend, although I don't quite have high hopes with the movie, and I know the! Yeah, you are right, Bobby Deol of all people!!

Unknown said...

hey i watched it too.. he really acting..i doubt..!
i liked the way he told the story abt kunal...and the way he came running:)
yeha date with john was good..:)
ok not bad..when they have turned out flop heroes..they dont mind kissing on screen

Think Tank said...

lol, ill watch dostana whether or not the second half was boring...wat xactly was the blog about waise :P?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@vanilla sky
oohhoo kantaben jokes the ones whenever kanatben in KHNH would catch 'em *together* there would be this background theme "eeeeee kantaben" & hence kantaben jokes.


@crazy heart
don't forget that they may be flop heroes but whenever they come together they give hits like Dhoom & now dostana ,so they are the pair to look out for.

@think tank
atleast some one read the post other than thinking it was a dostana review. * i told u it was confusing*

Anonymous said...

Hey Amrita, wonderful post and strgt fwd to the core :)

i dont distinguish b/w real and bloggie friends, they r just friends to me....

dostana is good movie so much tht i m planning to see it 3rd time :)

wud be back for more.....

Pri said...

i see the 'DOSTANA' effect has drifted from the title (in the last post) to the body (in this post)....
it surely has u impressed isnt it? :p

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

happy watching

the one with the title was better.

Karthik said...

Jus nw completed ma post on bollywood films and nice 2 see u writing a post related to it.. Yet 2 watch Dostana.. But Know wat?? I hate abhishek Bachaan especially after his stupendous performance in Drona!!! By mentioning SRK, R u his fan??

Anonymous said...

That was a different take...I liked it! :)
KKHH was one helluva movie, but cant say Dostana will be remembered 10yrs down the line!
Haven't watched it yet...planning to watch tmw with a few gals (2 actually, 2 more dropped out on reading the review...they didnt wanna watch a movie with a "KJ" storyline...16th century kiddos i would say..they need to grow up)!!
Will get back once I watch it tmw! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

aby's baby just needs to mind his buissnes because when he does that he comes up with much better acting.

with girls?? hehhhehee dude unless well ,you have entirely dosti motives towards them , remember dostana is all about John (for the girls):D. & isn't KJo made K3G?? & KHNH , I mean we watch each of his movies and then vile this guy for being a gay . duh to us

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am back as promised...just came home after watching this movie...
What can I say...
I didnt LIKE IT like it...But I didnt HATE IT hate it either!! It was no way in league of a KJ movie...only his antics may have been shown to the world...
I emphatised with the character of Kiron Kher where she has to deal with her son being gay!
Abhishek was touchy...
John's dress designer had no work at all...and his right bum was itchy in the beginning of the movie, and not later - wonder why! :D
Overall I would rate it 3/5!

Unknown said...

There are two books I wanted to suggest to you while reading this post:

1. "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand

2. "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Saffran Foer

The former because you will find it reflecting your own mind and the latter because your writing style matches with Foer.

Mads said...

i loved dostana :P
Coz it was hilarious..
and Coz Priyanka was droolsome...
Me and my friend wanted to change our orientation for her..seriously :D
But John...
i liked it for a very weird reason. Coz i saw it in Delhi with my best college friend. and the movie makes me think about her (screams*IN A PLATONIC WAY*) and i loved that part where PC and AB say they are losers and John is happy with his life so he sucks and John says, he's happy coz he has his 2 best friends.
that scene was tooo awwwww-some and whatever!! i still love the movie =D
tu bahut practical hai naa..isliye u didnt like it :P