Saturday, February 7, 2009

of self belief

How did he get more than me ?
Why did she say so about me? Am I that bad?
If they don't talk to me why should I make the effort.

This are some of the questions which have often haunted me . Worrying sick , why something happened the way it has and not in the way I wanted to. Finally , drawing to a conclusion that ok I won't do that next time.

We have been having some G.D sessions in our college and they have sort of made me realise about one important factor - confidence. There was this guy in our group , despite not having a very starry grade card like the rest of us , he was the best speaker . His intonations and pronunciations weren't correct , but what made us listen to him was the supreme self belief that he spoke with .

Steve Jobs (the Apple maverick ) went with his conviction despite the setbacks that he forever faced in life.

Anil Kumble, suffering from a fractured jaw, came on to bowl with his head strapped heavily in bandages and claimed the wicket of Brian Lara .

SRK made it big , and real big despite being from a (sugar)daddyless family .One of his phrases which i loved in a recent show was " Sports teach you how to lose and how not be a loser".

M C Mary Kom's four World Championship titles don't just make her a champion , but also puts the case of Women's boxing to be included in the 2012 London Olympics . ( If u don't know about her , plz do a google search . She's Indian )

There are so many examples that show us to rise above , to keep a sane head , to have the belief on oneself .

When nothing helps and all you can keep thinking about is " Why did God do this to me? "
Remember God doesn't have choices like us . For us there is always a right / wrong / midway path . But , remember we belivers think that God is always right so (s)he doesnt have the choice to right or wrong , all (s)he can do is click on the right option .So somewhere down the road , if something "bad" does happen to us , we can always put the blame on him , saying " bhagwaan jo karta hai acche ke liye hi karta hai " :)

It's easier said than done , when going through a trauma or a bad time , none of the " How you can increase your confidence " books help . Your thoughts seem to be in deep regression and nothing seems to be real . All that we can do then is try to keep believing , believing that some day something good will happen . Hindi films do help during this time . And however cliched and superficial it might sound right now but 'hamari filmon ki tarah end tak life me bhi sab theek ho jata hai" . provided that you keep the hope alive.

Getting in touch with your inner self , blocking out the thoughts of your minds might take some trials . Agreed that we do learn a lot from our failures , but it's not very constructive to keep pondering about them , remembering our successes ( however small ) has a more positive effect.

Someone once said to me "its good to try out things otherwise how on earth will you gauge the virtue or vice of something . I too try to impersonate someone , its good to inculcate the virtues in other" . Seeing the virtues in others , and trying to imbibe them . :)

All negativity cannot be trashed and being all positive doesn't always help . But that's where again your self confidence comes in . I believe that someday my methods will be answered too. :)


Some lesser things on my mind :
do find the time to read this --->""

this post however doesn't encourage valentine day goons to either spoil the fun or make indecent proposals .

"there are no heroes , only men " * smiling at this comment *

Finally a simple explanation of my "about me" :
"not the kind , who takes life seriously, who wants to make it big , who has faith in people, who hates being practical, who hates love(the mushy kind), who hates teddies & roses, The above traits don't describe me , they never will , they never can.In fact I'm exactly what the first few lines are but only if u omit the first one"

So when you omit the first one , the about me is :

"who takes life seriously, who wants to make it big , who has faith in people, who hates being practical, who hates love(the mushy kind), who hates teddies & roses.
I hope you got that now :) "


Tara said...

Waah yaar! Really the end it's all about believing in oneself. I remember once I won this painting competition, and Manpreet Brar (an Ex-Miss India) was the Chief Guest. I went on stage, got my certificate and prize, and also clicked photos.

She bent down, took my face in her hands, and planted a gentle kiss on my cheek, and I remember, she whispered "Always believe in yourself dear". Though I didn't quite understand the statement then, I do realize now what an important lesson she'd given and so sweetly at that. :)

Very well written, Amu! Kudos! :D

peter said...

Pointed noted :D

yeah god isn't having any second choice :P

Anonymous said...

nicely written :)
confidence is the key, and so is self belief. confidence also gives the strength to deal with failures.

Anonymous said...


I still dont get the about me.


sorry. Im dumb.

Keshi said...

Great post Truthful!

Instead of asking WHY ME, ppl should start asking WHY NOT ME.

** Sports teach you how to lose and how not be a loser

So does Life!

And ur right...its not abt blaming God or someone else, it's abt rising above it all and LEARNING from it all!


Amrita said...

cming from a choti si bacchi like u... i felt awakened.. really nice one amu...

Dewdrop said...

Very true... believe in urself and be yourself... who else is better qualified?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


it a lil late but CONGRATS :) wow put up that painting some day . that was a really nice anecdote .( ya i do remember Manpreet Brar )


hey you remind me of some hero shero , but yaad nai aa raha . but you do remind me of some one :o


thik , thik. & post something.


wah dumb doctor . novelty.

thanx gal , means a lot coming from you :)


:) you post something too na :)


Tara said...

That competition was when I was in the 4th grade...when Hyundai came to India. They have retained my painting and all its copyright! Hehe...not a problem, I could put up other paintings sometime. :)

Resurgence said...

Gal... rightly said that confidence and self belief are key to various success story.... but then there is always hope and perseverance...One may argue that this comes from self belief and confidence but then there are other things too....:)

Saw a presentation made by one of the glittering person recently which focused on 'Raise the Bar'... :).. Thus yeah one shud always keep working on raising the effort level.... :).. Kewl Post... :)

Anonymous said...

Neat post...Indeed Self Belief is imp...the very reason why I prefer SRK to the other filmi khans! :)
Aww...and I didnt read your "about me" explanation here before passing a stunt there..believe me!! :)

Loved this post buddy! :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


have replied in your blog :)

of course hard work matters too :)

yeah yeah i believe you :P ;D

spicymist said...

have you read that book ' the power if your subconcious mind ' ? in it the author says the only thing you need to complete a task successfully is to convince yourself beyond doubt that it can be done. It doesnt matter then, whether others believe in you or not.

james said...

I sure do need some heavy dosage of self belief. But the problem with me is I get easily satisfied and then the desire just extinguishes. You on the other hand seem to have an insatiable desire. Its a good thing. Happy valentine's day

Nidz said...

oye u r my twin sister. we both blog abt one common thing, thoughts :)
havent read ur post yet i will read it with a peaceful mind. just wanna say i like ur tempalte, u obsessed with brand crocodile kya?? hehe :P

Keshi said...

Truthful my dad died when I was 16.


Keshi said...

no girl, its ok. u didnt hurt my feelings at all. u didnt know. as simple as that :)

tnxx luv!


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hmm have heard about that one.

same to you :)

haha nahi yaar , awai pasand aa gaya.


you're simply cool . thanx :)

Aditi..............:) said...

truly sums to be urself and giving ur the end of any day.....:)
btw i liked your template......different...really weird but cool :)