Tuesday, February 3, 2009

life ke funde- fir se

A void is defined as an empty space.

A human does all that he can do to fill these voids in his life. If there were no voids , life would've been cluttered.

1) For all who read tis blog , know well zat I can be hardly be classified under the header 'writer'. I write when I have a void to fill. The last two posts which were immature , childish , bimbette like were all done by me.(guilty as charged :) )

2) Sometimes there comes a time , when you feel complete within yourself. It's that time when you don't need anyone else , when what others say truly doesn't matter . Its when you are neither elated nor depressed all you feel is the real person ,who for sometime might've got lost .

3)There's thing called "being honest with yourself" . I think it means the same as "being yourself". Being what you feel like at the moment. There's no point in trying to reachieve things/emotions long gone by.

4) There's no need to call friends - "friends" . it's mutual after all. Just like IITians don't need to be scoffed at or raised to a high bar , only coz' they did something we couldn't do ( I don't know from where I have come with this sudden empathy for them !! )

5) I like

Masakalli :

Tujhe kya gum /What sadness do you have ye ?
tera ristha Gagan ki basuri se hai / the lore of the sky
Pawan ki guftagu se hai / the whispers of this wind , the golden sun are all yours.
Suraj ki roshani se hai /

Udiyo na dariyo / fly ,don't fear
Kar manmani manmaani manmanni / do whateva u wanna
Badhiyo naa mudiyon kar nadani / go on and be the kid u've always been .

Rehna tu:

Haath tham chalna hi
To dono ke daye haath sang kaise ./// couldn't really do the translation :)
Haath tham chalna hi
To dono ke daye haath sang kaise

Ek daaya hoga ek baaiya hoga
Tham le haath yeh thaam le
Chalna hai sang tham le

6)Now for some irony. We"ll be having "preparation for campussing" classes in a few days , but no one knows whether any naukri providers will stop by !!! hahhahaah. And in case they don't , I'm good in maths and can run when there's a need to. ( ARE YOU LISTENING future maalik / maalkins ?? )

7) Am seriously quite impressed by the many blogger awards doing the rounds ajkal . esp. by the one ( Sam & karthik ) who awarded me . I was like " hainn main hehhe" . thanx guys :)
however unworthy I am ( though a lil more than celina jaitely :) ). By the way how many of you have understood my *about me * ??? ( just curiosity :) )

8) stay hungry , stay foolish


Tara said...

Yippie first!!! Totally random post...but loved it Amu! I love Rehna tu too....what beautiful lyrics by Mr.Joshi and music by God! :) Good luck with your 'campussing' too! Koi na koi toh utha le jayega Amu ko! :P

Anonymous said...

Yay! :D

Anonymous said...

hey thanks Amrita :)

u shud not think much on the posts as they say be urself on blog...

i concur with u on points 2 and 3 :)

keep up the pace and keep feeling gud buddy

james said...
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james said...
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james said...

Introspection huh!
Finally u have brought up your about me section.lol
I was wondering, why were you using so much of negations, not from a grammatical point of view but rather out of curiousity of your mental state. Cynical people do that a lot thats why idealist invented antonyms.lol
I hope m not trying to sound like your grandfather by trying to judge you.(I was just trying to have some fun..I am in a mischievous mood today)
Don't worry about your placements, you will end up with good offers.I know guys even in IITs who didnt get an offer. But I also know someone who got 3 but didnt take up any.He is directing some national geographic documentary.(I dont know what you will make out from these statements) So, its really upto what you want.
BEST OF LUCK !!:) you could post in your blog about your interviews

Amrita said...

hehe this post made me read ur about me :D
and haan i did nt get :S the omit the first one?? :S kuch to tedha medha tha

PI said...

i love that song too! rahman rocks!

Unknown said...


I'll try 2 be truthful said...


thanx :)


welcome and thanx hai jii :)

@james , james & james

hahha u must've thought of yourself as those english judges.
*Cynical people do that a lot thats why idealist invented antonyms*
hehehhehhh .
one of these days I"ll explain the meaning.

samjha dungi ji :)

@pseudo intelluctal



:D to u too

Keshi said...

**I write when I have a void to fill

I must be full of voids then ;-)


Resurgence said...

Gal... So finally U got that 'complete' and 'content' feeling? Good. Cherish that... It is one of the rarest feeling... :)... and So u r preparing for final onslaught... achche se taiyari kar le.... Aur haan interview me sirf Maths batane se shayad kaam na chale.. :).. Best of luck for the preparation... :)

Azra Raphael said...

i loved all the ARR works in delhi6.

but hadn't really listened propoerly to rehna tu words. theyr'e gorgeous and mean perfect!

that was an "about me"?
is was more like, "THIS IS ME!"!!

As usual, you rock! nice post.
blog updated..

Dewdrop said...

Love Masakalli... and I think cos are recovering from the recession... lotsa hv started hiring

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

cmon' everyone has their own reasons . innit? :)

hahhahaha ya pata hai :) , I"ll say I read really gravitating cum knowledgeable posts of a certain IIM'ian . that"ll do the job , what say? :) thanx re .


wow , i appreciate it :)

that is seriously some great encouragement :D :D

Anonymous said...

Mast post - fir se! :)
I love both those songs...Masakalli for the beats and Rehna Tu for the lyrics! :)
Those Rehna tu lines you have mentioned have awesome meaning, don't you think (non-mushy...as u like it...now I did get that "about me" right...didnt I? ;))!! :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:D :D
yes the lyrics are non-mushy-perfect.

Anonymous said...

Very shorts, simple and easy to understand, bet some more comments from your side would be great

sushant said...

When I searched for life ke fundae..I ended up here reading your article..
Nicely paraphrased...yet it seems to give a wrong judgement..

for example the point number 2.. You will never ever feel complete widout others.. Its our family, frenz...who complete us

also want to clarify...iitians are no superman, they are like you. Its just that they had their luck in JEE plus good preparation so ended up here thats the case wid me.. :P