Monday, February 23, 2009

quarter century

Tagged by Amrita :) Had been thinking about it ever since

Here go the rules -
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

I think this is the 5th or 6th one that I am doing .
anyway read this if completely bored .

1. I don't have any problem with any food , can eat almost anything (except brinjal)

2. The first type of dance that I ever learnt to do was the *twist* :courtesy mom :).

3. Me and Tv have been friends for a long time , apparently the first appliance i could switch on was this . I miss oldie goldie shows like 'hip hip hurray' , 'remix' ,'hum panch even the old k serials used to be good . Remember Roadies 1 , Indian idol 1 and Viva?

4. From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Kank , i like K-jo movies . However much I trash and bitch about 'em , I've forever enjoyed his movies . So here's to you Johar ,gay or not.

5. I don't have a clue about any card games .

6. I wanna quit orkut.

7. I've never had a real crush , not even on ranbir or imran . I just find them nice .*sigh* As they say "Ishq nahi Ishq ka fitoor hai ."

8.I think i like to read people's minds.

9.I have tried a lil bit of daaru , from daddy's glass . And bachha log mazaa is much better.

10.I have absolutely no idea what to do when people do the 'maa behen ' galis .

11.I'm a ponytail person , I might leave it open for some time , but ponytail is the thing for me.

12.I feel and look very un-amritaish without my glasses . Sometimes while sleeping I feel there is something missing.

13 . As a kid i used to be scared of Bajrang Bali and Santa Claus.

14.The thing 'mard ko dard nahi hota' is ingrained in me .

15.Has anyone seen Socha Na tha? :)

16.I am neither a funny person nor an intelligent one . I just happen to have very keen ears and do the 'heard here repeat there ' act . :P :D

17.I believe in the inner good . *thats soo dumbledore*

Oh I'm getting bored now.

19.When some random person calls and asks " hellooo betaaaa , do u knoww whooooo I aaam"
I say " NO "

20 . I wanna top . once in my life ( silly na )

21.I make better coffee/cold coffee than most cafes.

22. I hate fat aunties in pink saris with pink lipstick smeared on their teeth who scrutinize thin children . Remove them and half the society evils will be done away with .

23. I hate the bandh system and the " we demand our rights without doing any work " attitude.

24. I want to go to Europe travel by Euro rail and find a cute unsuspecting guy or better be a hi fi professional , go to Australia and find a nice MBA wala taxi driver :D :D :D

25. I think and talk too much about moi self.

And now for passing on this tag . don't worry no pressures :)
Vanilla sky ( tui ki already korechis ?)
Tyro ( coz' u've stopped blogging)
Resurgence ('coz u never do any tags )
Peter (How u doin ? :P )
Mads( have u already done this one ? )
Tara(coz' u'v already done this )
Keshi( i know you are bored of tags heheh)
Abhishek K. (since you too never do tags )
Dewdrop(she's sweet :) )
Sree(have u done this one?)

and any one who wants to do it : P :D :S

ps= slumdog has flooded the oscars for being the great movie. I had thought otherwise . But I like Rahman ( who doesnt )


Amrita said...

Even i am a ponytail person - completely
and the thing abt auntyjis was sooooooo funny!

i admire ur sense of humor a lot - though u claim to do a hear - say thing :) but the sarcasm and humor u have really pleases me...
amazing to see a person who mite b a good half a decade younger than me showing such clarity of thought and writing prowess!!

zyaada ho gaya? :)

vanilla sky said...

card games? chalo i'll teach you fish, 29 , patience.
see, ma behen galis were supposedly invented to hit the conscience, but now it has become too cliched!
haha! @19
there used to a show called popstars , na? mtv or [v]?
you will top :)
ami korini, will do, let this feb get over -month of luv ..huh! :(

The Furobiker said...

thanks for tagging me :)

btw ii share the chashme wala point :D

u gave wrong url on my name..

tag coming soon

Tara said...

"tried a bit of daaru"
I have tried a sip of beer, and hated it! Appa told me, "Go try it, see if you like it", and well yeah, I hated it! Bitter. :\

I was a big fan of those shows too, sent Mr.Sawant (the Indian Idol winner) 100 votes...yes I called in 100 times! Silly. ANd remix was great in the beginning, very fresh, now you can find all those actors on K-soaps! And Sweety was so cute, jumping around each time the bell rang. :D

Bol coffee kab pila rahi hai? Appointment chahiye. :)

Hai rabba, the 24th point is so *DDLJ...BAH* ish! :P

And as for me, no I haven't done this tag before, many have tagged me with this, so I guess I shall do it sometime! :)

james said...

Refreshing reflections of yourself.
Its better to learn poker(its a card game)than to quit drinking .huh!

About the maa-behen galis, it depends on who is giving. Call me sick or what but I absolutely enjoy it when gals do that.

But keep working on your coffee skills, you will soon give the CCD chairman a run for his money :)
Keep posting

james said...

Anyway I didn't mean u should start saying those 'galis'. Be the person who you are not what others want you to be.


Anonymous said...

Oh ya....I miss Hip Hip Hurray too...there was one called "School days" on DD1...miss that too!! :(

#8 is interesting...whats on my mind? ;) #9...bachche log, sunlo!! :D

When ppl do #10 in front of me, I ask "Nothing better than the same old swear kya?"

I loved to draw pony tails in my college times...ppl rarely carry a pony these days...kudos to u!! :D

Pink aunties...lolz...they stink!! :D

All the best for #24!! Dil se!! :D wala nahi kiya...mushkil sa hey, naamumkin nahi...will do in a while!! :D
Thanks for tagging buddy! :D

joie de vivre said...

tune daru pi hai.. :O
tu tapori type lagti hai be

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

thanku jiii , kabhi kabhi apna dimag bhi kaam kar jata hai :)

i still feel embarrassed !!!
it was channel v .
and feb is class test month for us :)

@abhishek k.
sorry i"ll thik karofy it .

peter said...

LOL mast facts but why do u wanna leave orkut :O...and same opinion about about slumdog ;)

i am doing good btw :P
...will do this in future i guess :D

@neha a.k.a joidevivre


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

oii sawant diwani ( i used to vote for rahul vaidya :) )
- my dad had exactly the same views
-ya remix was cool , but sort of sagged later on
-tu jab chahe aa jaa
- hahaha u got the joke :D

hhahha dont worry i wont start using them . i had once wondered about 'baap bhai' galis , but people just shushed me !!u can do the tag too.

- i think i have a faint recollection of 'school days' :)
thanks :D :D :D

kyaaa yaar TRY kiya tha !!!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i echo ur thouts on slumdog thing :)

u didnt tag me

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

haha :D

@sam 2

karle karle tu ek bar , ye tag ab tu bhii kar leeeeee :) wait I'll tag u officially .

abhishek said...

Bacche daru taste ke liye nahi pee jati, uske mazee ke liye pee jati hai...just somehow manage to gulp 3-4 pegs and see the world go round.

mard ko dard nahi...amrita mard ka bhi naam hota hai kya???

haanji maine socha na thi dekhi of my fav romantic comedies.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

einstein amrita ladki ka hi naam hai . that applied to ajkal ke oversentimental guys .

thankgod some one has seen that movie !!:)

Mads said...

i love socha na tha!! it was such a awww types :D :D *sigh*
pony tail type. neat and tidy types :D my hair's alwyas in a mad mad mess :P

hear and speak out in ur blog :P hehe i liked that one
mard ko dard nahi hota it seems =))
aunty ji wala point, mast yaar =))
u dont know card games :O im a champ at it. will show u to cheat too.... :D :D :D
tv addiction ka zamana. sigh i miss it

no.. many people have passed on this tag :(( i hvnt still done it..
the loosemotions were more important :(
will try doing it asap. :D :D
p.s u only tasted daru? grrrrrr...drink properly be :P when are u making coffee for me,btw? :D

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Socha na tha is Fodu, Trera choices thodi si achchi hai ....jada mat uchalna ...sirf thodi di achchi hai :) . K.K he he

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Pata hai we actually played jua in delhi station with coolies :) on our way to college . the best part was we won 50 bucks .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hey maddy , tummy kaisa che :)
- not my blog re , blog me sab orizinal che .
&ab to bolg addiction ka zamana hai
kya ladki hai be giving gali for not being talli ! :D :D

chup be

kya yaar i never won even in musical chairs

Resurgence said...

Gal... tu bhi TV fan hai... :) Till few years back (When I was still at home) TV was an extra sibling to me... and since you are younger to me... you have missed watching quite a few enthralling serials on DD... :)

As far as Maa-Behen Gaalis are concerned... you do not need to do anything... as I have said sometimes earlier they have been reduced to a way of expression and nothing else... :)

And Yeah it is my dream too that I come top in my class at least once... but since I have almost completed my academic career this will remain a dream only... :)

As far as my not doing tags are concerned I find them boring most of the times and do not feel like doing it on the others (I'll make an attempt on this but am not sure whether I'll be successful)... :)