Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hometown: hmmmm home is where your heart is .
Hair Colour:
Black +brown
Shoe Size:
one size more than my mum's
Righty or Lefty:
mostly righty
ahem , it should be *
gender* , brings ulte pulte khayal
must be about a billion , coz' u know everything started with adam and eve .
Hair colour :
didn't i just write about it ???? Is this the driving licence form ??
5'2" :( :( yaar chutku hu , just like sachin T. , SRK , priety Z. , ....

Have you ever: 

Given anyone a bath?  
yes when i was 3 i triedto give my baby bro a bath !!!!!!!!!

Smoked?  kya karen , ajkal karna hi padta hai , pollution convolution.

Nopes , never met Whacko Jacko .

Made yourself throw up?
hmmmmmmm , i do feel vomitish before the exams , but otherwise , ya once i had a splitting headache which made me puke up.

Gone skinny dipping?
And WAzz That ??

Eaten a hot dog?  
haven't eaten but I ogle at Ranbir whenever I get the chance to .

Put your tongue on a frozen pole?  
seriously , Who started this ?????

Loved someone so much it made you cry?  
Itni kismat kahaaaaa

Broken a bone?   he bhagwaaan nahiiiiii ,

Played truth-or-dare?   From the time I've joined school and i don't know why but the most usual question is "  which guy do  you like the most in *this* class ? "

Been in a police car?
hahhahahaha yaaaa that was when I helped the police catch Shobhraj.

Been on a plane?
yup , yup , and yup but no crazy encounter like Mads :)

Been in a sauna  ?
hmmmm kabhi summer time me kolkata aaiy e, sauna ka matlab samjhati hu

Been in a hot tub?  
ji haaaa

Gone swimming in the ocean?
pool me hi kismat kharab thi , but ya been to the oceans. one thing people must try are the sweets there .:) 

Fallen asleep in school?
nooooo only once in college :P

Ran away?  from home ?
NO . from some one ? YES 

Broken someone's heart?  
YES once I crucified a vampire :D :D 

Cried when someone died?  
And this question makes me realise how heartless I am . NO.

Cried in school?    
hahhahhahha yeah baby have done that. reason 1: got 50 in maths once !!!
                                   reason 2 : when I slapped a guy , because he was about to propose me . Yes the nautanki helped him getting him two more from the teachers :D

Fallen off your chair?    
For this , the credit completely goes to my brother

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call?  
duh NO 

Saved e-mails?  
Ya I do that .

Fallen for one of your best friends?   
NO  dearies , I don't *fall

Used someone?   Haaa 1000 times . I'm so mean ,that when I pick up a child , I expect it to give me its cerelac bowl. So I guess I did use people , but not the kind they show in Bhandarkar's movies.

Have you had... 

Chicken pox?  
NO measles

A sore throat? 
hahahaah have one right now

 sorry I don't eat anything called stiches

this really is my driving license ka form*

Do you... 

Believe in love at first sight?
Na jii , in my village , people don't even look at each other.

Like picnics?  
Only If I don't have to cook

Like school?
 :)  except the second one in assam .

Would you eat a live hamster for $1,000,000?  Fry It Dude , fry it .

Who was the last person that called you?  
I think Esha . or maybe Dad ,but he spoke to mom too.

Who was the last person you slow-danced with?   
I actually did it 2 mins back with mom .

What makes you laugh the most?  
People , and natural silliness

What makes you smile?
My brain which kinda sends a signal to my cheek nerves

Who is the last person...

You yelled at?
ummmmmmm has to be mummy ji , but that was last year OK , so lay off

Who broke your heart?  
 I is No Vampire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Ok OK I"ll tell u  the truth .....

      She breaks My heart , like she always does . Kamini , pehle , ranbir kafi nahi tha kya , that I have to see this also !!!!!!!!!!

Do you...

Like filling these out?
 anything to escape the drudgery of life

Wear glasses or contacts?  

    Glasses yaaar

Like yourself?

   MOST of the times

Get along well with your family? That still happens ???? hehhehe yes I live in with them , you know.

Are you...

Obsessive?  Once upon a time I wanted to be obsessive about my studies , but alas......

At times.
Anorexic?     No way ,My BMI is almost perfect 
Suicidal ?  hahhaha no , but had once threatened that To mom, to absolute ZERO effect 

This and that:
Coffee or tea:
 or me ??? hehhe sorry sorry thats cheap. Coffee ,any day any time . waise do u guys know about the *other meaning * of having coffee ?? :P

Phone or in person:
Depends on if i'm footing the bill or not

Are you the oldest, middle, youngest or the only child: Oldest , but only Ms Bannerjee can do Didigiri

Indoor or outdoor:

Indoor or Outdoor what ??? 
                                    like eating ? indoor
                                    walking : outdoor
                                     using abuses : outdoor
                                      tandoor :outdoor

Final questions:


What are you listening to right now?  Nayan tarse ( Dev D. ) + Ore Piya (Aaja Nachle )  + kaise mujhe tum mil gayeee (Ghajini)

What did you do yesterday? Accompanied a friend to her hair cutting endevour

Where do you want to get married?  
What , WAht , *zapped out* , Sorry - I - No -Understand- Question -too -Embarrased - To -Say -Might-be-Some -Usual -mandap-But -hate-it-that-way-so-I-say-Nowhere-sorry-Thoughts-Not-clear-Changing-answer-to-gondola-......-Weren't-parents-supposed-to-take-care-of-such-minorities????

I would like to be: Senti*mental*

Are you a good driver?
 How do you know I'm learning???THIS has to be a form for driving license.

Are you a good singer?  ask my friends :D , I'm more of a continuous singer

What do you dream about?

Dreams ain't fixed . after all , dreams break , dreamers dont.


Anonymous said...

Well answered...You are now ready to take ppl for a ride! ;)
Waise...whats the *other meaning* of Coffee?
Just yesterday I got to know the *other meaning* of 'Suitcase'!! This year seems to be dedicated to education! No wonder it spoils us! :P

peter said...

errrrr so long ...tag, i was almost snoring :P
but some really cool answers like cerelac wala but why will u eat stitches :O
u have some natural sense of humor unlike most of the bloggers :D

The Furobiker said...

hehhe.. funny tag.. it should be called a madman tag

Mads said...

but this was too long :((
This answer----What , WAht , *zapped out* , Sorry - I - No -Understand- Question -too -Embarrased - To -Say -Might-be-Some -Usual -mandap-But -hate-it-that-way-so-I-say-Nowhere-sorry-Thoughts-Not-clear-Changing-answer-to-gondola-......-Weren't-parents-supposed-to-take-care-of-such-minorities????

arre :"> u will hv a cool 'encounter' too in a plane like me :P :P

:O ur not sentimental and emotional fool types. cool. stay like that :D :D

liked ur answers \:D/ seems u were in a terrific mood :P :P

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) since I'm a sabhya sushil nari , I won't really be able to tell u the meaning of that , go ask that mahabharat wala friend of yours :D

SO right , it was too long , i completed it in 3 shifts!!!
i like this pic of yours :) . try this tag :) :P

@abhishek khanna


I'm killer types :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@peter again

the question was --> have you *had* stitches ??

vanilla sky said...

Ohh , stop educating the world on coffee !!
sweets in ocean :o
well, where do you want to get married ? thing's expected answer maybe like a particular city of one's favourite. What did you think ? mandap and such stuff?

Shoe Size: one size more than my mum's...the answer seems like those puzzles....Ram's father's age is 3 years more than 3 times age of his son. Find their ages !

james said...

'dreams break , dreamers dont'
very true

U used someone 1000 times but never broke someone's heart..hmm..either u r too smart or that someone is too foolish.
and someone told me its better to have a drink instead of a coffee.cant say i agree with

Amrita said...

WOW!!! Hellova good job

BTW!! "*other meaning * of having coffee " this alwaysssssss comes to my mind when i read CCD ka tag.. a lot can happen over coffee ;)

Keshi said...

lol very long tag! I was tagged on a similar one by CN...God help me!


Unknown said...

hurk too long hurk my brain hurts


pollution convolution? Shit now I must analyze the Fourier Transform of my lungs for possible harm

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


oo maata !!!! maaf karo ji , super looong tag. tere sang ek simple si coffe bhi kcik deti hai lallallala

well what do u think?

when i stand in the long library line i just smile at some random girl and say " oii yaar kaise hai " and all that & hand over my books to her , so that she can do the needful. That is using somebody ,without breaking their heart !

i do the teacher ki chamcha giri thing but mind u its not even half of what others do . any *use* has to be accompanied by something to your own credit.

yes I'm mean , but I don't keep mum when my maid gets ill treated by people, i dont hide things .

foolish or smart ? your call .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

oh and by the way if u are still wondering if i use guys by giving them a dimpled smile ? no I dont .
that sounds hopelessly like that song * love dont cost a ...* but I try to be truthful.

yaar lagta hai samajh aaya :)

read yours , way better

you do that .

Keshi said...

and did u see my Break my 2nd last post? :)


Tara said...

Haha! In the end, a tag well done! :)

Like the new template too, very colorful and lively! :)

Tara said...

Waise T-shirt ki dukaan kholne ka iraada hai kya? Mere liye ek free blue T-shirt theek hai! LOL! ;)

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I love your witty responses!