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How to get a guy in 15 days ...and then if you have some spare time to lose him. Before reading this the reader must completly believe that this post is made on the superficial observances made by the blogger ( who currently maintains a S.A.D status)

DAY 1.
SMILE AND SMILE AND SMILE . But never look at the ONE  ,always look at your friend . And as an ending to the prolonged SMILE ,GIGGLE , you may take tuitions from * The Aishwarya Institute of How to smile and show off your expensive dentures *
DAY 2.
Be sure that one of his friend has your number , and to make sure that HE has it , by saying it loud in front of someone ( yes the simple process of missed call does not exist)

DAY 3.
Clothes ---- nothing flashy . a simple salwaar kameez (a white one will just be fine :P ). Indian guys= indian clothes , open hair (remember to take comb for bushier hair) , long earrings, lip gloss (the invisible types ) ,kohl /kaajal (a must) . ( God save you if you are a chashmish , no entry for my behenas ) 

DAY 4.
After years and years of observation I truly know why girls go all " shooo cuuuuuuteee ,, oh maaa, baaabbyyyy" when they see a retarted piece of teddy bear / real infant. Elementry Watson, they don't give a shit about babies and stuff, they are actually
mollycodlling the ONE in question ( &also maintaing the garb of secrecy)

DAY 5.
Display of intellectuallism should be limited to *good handwriting*  .

Give him those lost lamb looks , like *what I would do without you*

DAY 7.
If HE is still not thinking about you , then this will. Choose the most ugliest / nonsensical/ poor fella you know . And when the poor demented soul approaches , move one step closer to the ONE and  tattataaaaaaaaa say " I don't feel safe when he's there yaar " ( yes all of them have a fantasy ofplaying "knight in shining armour " . Never mind the demented guy, he's going to make millions in the future and marry someone like  marlyn monroe.

DAY 8 .
Do the hair thing . C'mon gals , I shouldn't be explaining this to you!!!!

DAY 9.
now you need a confidante . plan / spread a rumour about going to the nearest hangout after work /college/watever . The confidante will limit the spread of the rumour only to the ONE. & hence you"ll be alooooneeeeee.

Day 10. The guy still doesnt like you ??? God must be blind /gay/ has a g.f/ is seriously not interested / is the demented guy.


Behave normally ( dont laugh like the idiot you've been for the last 10 days ) DAY12 wear jeans . tees , in short watever you want to. DAY13 Top your studies , (most guys think thats arrogancy ) DAY14 talk to all and sundry . DAY15 .Make him your friend ( and i mean a friend.  not like bollywood movies where they go on mouthing inane dialogues like " dosti me no sorry no thankyou " to kya main kisi anjaan se sorry bolun???? )
believe that you are the best ,'coz in case some of you thought that may be the first 10 days would help . well they don't . no one and especially you don't deserve the fake you. keep on playing that taa- taaa-ta-taa taaa ( bachna aee haseenoooo .. ) in your head . :)
Yeah Yeah I know , I know I"ll get brickbats , eggs , Harman B. thrown at zis post. "hey gal , all guys are not that dumb" , " but i really like teddy bears ...."  etc etc.

I KNOW , so lay off and enjoy :) watever that you're doing , no one's judging you . ( well except maybe the 10000's you already know :P )

And now for the dedications :-

> Saheli  aka Vanilla sky for the  title.

also inspired from
Abhishek Khanna's post about *How to talk to girls in a wedding *

> All the
guy roadies from Roadies 6.0 . especially for that inhuman task last week . Serioulsy what the hell has happened to that show?? That task was crass and cheap in every virtue , If raghu is so gung ho about woman's rights what about some for men eh??

keshi . I think I wanted to  write like her ( but somewhat failed , after all we are individuals eh ? :))

This post is with complete respect to those who questioned and wondered "how I managed to Use 1000 people without ever breaking their hearts" .
i hate typecasting people and putting them into groups . humans use humans , its in our genes  , for small or big needs  , people do flash smiles . But breaking a heart needs something more than that . you need to have someone's heart for that. And this post is intended to all those who tend to give it away -- be the better judge :)

> I Know I'm going from bad to worse in my posts . Don't take the first 10 days seriously :) . truly dedicated to


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Alok said...


Contrarily, whatever you advised the girl to do the last 5 days will attract the guy

January 21, 2009 10:22 AM

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

au contraire?

alas maybe IITians admire those few true virtues in a girl . anyway told ya , only a lame as would fall for the top 10 ones.

ps : sorry for the IIT dig that u must be so irked with already.

January 21, 2009 10:35 AM

Keshi said...

**How to get a guy in 15 days ...and then if you have some spare time to lose him

I dunno how to GET a guy in 15 days but I sure know how to LOSE him in 15 minutes!



January 21, 2009 4:43 PM

vanilla sky said...

Why can't I see the post ? :(

January 21, 2009 8:00 PM

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


had to paste back the post and your comments . sorry :(

Tara said...

Haha! Waah waah Amuji! Kya funde diye hain aapne...mazaa aa gaya! Will take the risk of trying it out, let's see if I get a bakra at least then! ;)

peter said...


Mads said...

i loves i loves :D i liked the line for the hair..yes we girls know it too well!!!

hate u for that line of 'i know u'll throw harman baweja' at me...grrr..he's cute :"> :P :P

nice funny funky post :D

Anonymous said...

wonderful :)

Keshi said...

I think u did real good WOW!

**The confidante will limit the spread of the rumour only to the ONE. & hence you"ll be alooooneeeeee.

LOL very cute!

** yes all of them have a fantasy ofplaying "knight in shining armour

HAHAHA! u seem to u'stand guys quite well.

btw if u ever wanna lose a guy, just make him meet Keshi. I'll do that job in 2 seconds!


The Furobiker said...

M sure most of the guys will fall for what u plan to do in first 10 days.. but then be assured that their intentions will not be towards friendship or love side.. ahem!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

well if u want to get a BAKRA

ya saved u ,see? :P

OK OK I"ll throw harman back at you. happy ? :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

never realised it could be that

*inspired from u * guys or gals they are humans , not to lose but to ignore if they are not your type.
thanx :)

@abhishek k.
I don't plan to do anything. you should read the dedications.
I hate both the girls who do the 10 days ka thing and the guys who fall for these things.
100% right , love care or friendships is not what they desire . this post was meant to be a saviour one for the poor dolts .

james said...

I guess this post is not for
But I must tell u some of my friends in the college love bitches.(excuse my language)
Good post but it kinda gives the impression that someone is on a prowl .Good luck with that!!:D

Priya Joyce said...

jai ho jai ho

not u sarcasm is now a living being :P

Trinaa said...

i dont think m ever goin to get a guy!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

yeah yeah. they so love bitches. you know what i actually didn't know what to write about and chose this age old topic.anyway enough of justifying.

@priya joice
nice havin u bak:)


Cяystal said...

lol! :-D
I read it in my psychotic state of mind..n i luuuurv it! :P

Resurgence said...

Gal...... Why does this post looks sinisterly similarly to SRK's module of 6 days is KHNH?.... :)... Fun post ... really loved it..... :)

Anonymous said...

I am sure loads of gals would have read this post by now and are trying out...
I'll keep looking for one of those first 10 hints in them! ;)
Loved it buddy! :)

Rià said...

he he i liked the way u wrote the post. And u need not hav to b like Keshi. U r good on ur own!! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...



yaaaaaa , well what can i say have been influenced by yashraj and the likes since the time i used to wear a frock.

this post was with a pun towards those girls

&thank u for that :)

vanilla sky said...

'Takes a bow'

Dewdrop said...

Ha Ha...nice tips!

deluded said...

hot girl.

PI said...

itnaaaa kaaam? i don't WANT a guy anymore! :P

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post and a nice blog too - Shyam N

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

*how 'bout a round of applause*
i seriously hate this post

dont try them tips. :)


seriously embarrassed.
ps- is that you trying to flirt or just my imagination.

@pseudo intellectual

:D :D wah at least I cured one gal :D *pats self on back*

@shyam N.
thank u :)

Azra Raphael said...

funny post!
but what was the hair thing?

Tazeen said...


There was a time when i used to think that i come with a guy repellent. I later realised it was just the confidence.

Playing the pink wearing idiot can do the trick. Its tried and tested :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! You had me laughing like MAD!!!!! :D
But no, being yourself, lipgloss or no lipgloss, chashme or no chashme I think is the key. Either he can like you for who you are...or he can FUCK off! :P

Keshi said...

some guys just dont stop at IGNORE...thats why u need to know how to LOSE them! :)


Unknown said...

Whens the new post coming X(

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


ask those girls yaar .

wah wah i really like that comment


:D :D



Abhilasha said...

ur blog is really nice humourous timepass ... :)
but i have one question
do guys really like dumb girls ??
and do they really hate smart girls ??

Anonymous said...

Though its a very subjective matter, I agree with Alok......the first 10 days will attract a guy towards you but that feeling will go away as quickly as it came.....
Its the last 5 days that will make a guy really 'fall' for you.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@abhilasha &exotic
ooof u guys , wen did i tell u take all this seriously?? hain?? and please yaaron read the whole post , otherwise y'all think of me as some dumb blondie !!!!