Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two People

Sometimes two people can interact only so much with each other.
The interest fades after some days and everything grows on you , every characteristic and every mannerism,  sometimes we may not even give so much time for the growth .
isliye to kuch log best friends ban jate hai , aur kuch ki baatein 'hello -hi ' pe jaa kar hi ruk jati hai.

Then there are some we want to start something with , and think that this could lead only to friendship , enymity ,disagreement /agreement . Actually we don't think that much about what could happen in the future. It is when we go there  , that we realise if we are in any furthur use of that person. Aur kabhi kabhi use ki baat to dimag me bhi nahi aati hai.

Sometimes even when two people don't meet for a long time , they abide by the norms of the past.Maybe that is the reason we feel so free with our school friends and families , the people who know what we once were , even though we might've changed by eons.

I have 87 friends on orkut all of I  'personally' know ,but, only 3 with whom I can talk whenever wherever.

Duniyan badi gol hai
duniya badi gol hai
hain isme kitne jhol
galiyon galiyon chappa chappa

aplam chaplam lare lappa
tauba tauba rappa rappa
dei dei dei dei dei
toda pal mein pal mein masa
Pal mein pakda pal mein phansa
ekrun tikrum dekh tamasha
Yeh duniya badi gol hai
aari tedhi tirchi tirchi
meethi meethi mirchi mirchi
dikhti asli ,lekin pharji
je je jee jee jee


Keshi said...

beautifully written!

yes...friendships dun die...ppl just drift apart...wuts real will always remain real.


Anonymous said...


the ppl who know u in and out r very few and shud be very few......

true friendship prevails.....hi, hello to bahut mil jande ne, but soulmates kam hi hone he......

good post

The Furobiker said...

thts y orkut gives option of acquaintances, friends, best friends etc.. all friends are not the same

joie de vivre said...

it starts with hi/hello i think

vanilla sky said...

yes, the word friend is too sensitive to be used loosely.

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

I think Vanilla Sky is correct .

Anonymous said...

Rightly put through...beautiful!
Friendship depends on those "two people" stick upto it...if they are at it wholeheartedly nothing matters...distance/time/et al...just doesnt matter!

And orkut...haha...its filled more of 'passing' friends at different phases of life rather than the ones who are there for you when you need them!

Unknown said...

There are so many people in this world, it staggers my mind... Each a separate entity, with his/her own experiences (that makes them truly unique)

But then one look at someone, one exchange of greetings and you already know whether you like them or not... as if you know them from within. Amazing, isn't it?

The fact is, we judge people based on the values they hold. We like those who embody the ideals we hold. Part of the magic of being alive is the ability to recognize people through the values they hold, that represents them, their being and the experiences they've had. True friendship is a mutual understanding of what each person is.

james said...

it could be threesome or foursome also..haha
jokes apart, i think a guy/gal doesn't necessarily become a friend because of a particular trait. Atleast for me it was the circumstances.

Anyway good to see that u are updating your blog at a nice pace.

Amrita said...

aah! tht orkut thingy was a hitter!!

peter said...

so true this is :P
after all frqncy mis-match isnt gud and healthy :P

Mads said...

its so true. the title is apt too. and the orkut fact what u pointed out was so hard hitting...
i can count on my finger tips when i think abt the people who are actually my real friends today.
and they are enough for me :D \:D/

Resurgence said...

Gal.... kya hua? Aise posts!!... :) Are human emotions and feelings are quite complex and its never easy to understand them.... :)... Itna jyada sochne se problem solve nahi ho jaayega.... :) .. Are Njoy the life... and let people come and go.... do what you think is right... as far as friends are concerned... Well you never know what will happen in future... Humans have this tendency to move on... I'm not sure of wht I've written till now... Tujhe samajh me aaye to batana..... :)

Njoy ur life... just chillax... :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

*wuts real will always remain real.*


*hello to bahut mil jande ne*

@abhishek k.

orkut bhi chalak hai



I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@saheli & tyro
i agree with u too .

*ts filled more of 'passing' friends at different phases of life *

everybody's in the passing

i also think that we judge people acc. to our own values. u are also wise :)

:) updating at nice pace but the quality isnt that good eh hehe.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


sometimes it ain't that bad either.

*and they are enough for me *
:) stay like that.

i remembered those early posts of yours . the one about the parents which included u doing cricket commentatory. and my fav was the one which i had read first in your blog . & had got quite a scolding for my sarcastic comment .:P

bring the fun back to your blog ?