Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm human

I'm human and hence Jealous , I'm human and hence get angry , I'm human and...

I had a blast of a day today . Well intially it wasn't supposed to be so with some boring chores to be done. But , bhagwaan ki kripa se all that got cancelled and I could go out with my school friends.
it was an all girl group & no offence , but , mazza hi kuch aur hai .

So while we were there and since more than half of my friends happen to be cancerians , my friend bought  " bejan daruwala tells your future for 2009 - CANCER".After the usual round of "love & marriage " and all , we decided to read about  the various divisions in which a cancerian is divided according to their date of birth .

Those who are born in the same week as I am are supposed to  have an inferiority complex  etc etc. Shunning these thoughts I enjoyed the whole day just as I would have otherwise .

An hour ago , something struck me . Maybe not an inferiority complex , but there have been times when I had felt sorry for myself.

My memory went back a year , I was carrying my heavy library books , walking to the busstand , with hair as askew as could be. And who do I see passing by , two people who I knew from a long time back, those who had flunked their boards  , looking as if they were the brand ambassadors of Allen Solly or something . And that was when I felt angry. really angry.

I feel enraged when I see people  making exam chits , some of 'em even proudly exhibit the fact that they could 'buy' the papers beforehand .

Then there are people who get through IMA in their 3 / 4th chances , there I had been looked down upon because of 83% . 

The unfairness of it bites you , but even then you cannot protest against the things . Why?? Because then u might be deemed " too held up".

What is the way out then?? Only one way , not to demean yourself ,not to pity yourself  because of such people , it is to hold your head high without thinking too much about it.

I for my part want to be rich , ambitious and at the top . tall promises to keep aren't they? I want to do exactly opposite of what they do , of what all the fakos do.

I might come down sooner than what you are thinking right now ,  but it matters what I think.
& like Raghu said " the process of detachment has to begin"

ps= Raghu's leaving roadies. It's become boring now.


Resurgence said...

Gal....... Tujhe abhi bahut kuch seekhna hai... Jaise ki horoscope jo hain woh maje ke liye padhne chahiye... Aadmi Cancerain ho and Taurus ki farak penda hai... jab tak aadmi sahi ho...... :)

Further ambition to be rich and at the top...... sahi hai... ab se tujhe Madam kehna padega lagta hai...:) aur haan doosron ko dekh kar kar khud ka khoon mat jala... abhi to you have just entered the arena of big bad world... itna tension legi to jee nahi paayegi... :)

Mads said...

why is raghu leaving roadies :O i only watched auditions uske baad, stopped it coz i went to hostel :((
and hey, they'll suffer in life. u'll get to the top since u got the hunger to get to the top.
X-( no need to think abt all such useless assholes okay?

cancerian huh? homely person n all :P ya i like reading abt zodiac signs :P lol

Keshi said...

We r al guilty of being HUMAN ;-) Its ok hun.

Wel guess wut..u hv another Cancerian friend..and thats me!


vanilla sky said...

See as people say, if one is good, no matter how much evils try, one's goodness will win. This may be a temporary phase , but life is a long run.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

like always u gave the correct advice. main horoscopes seriously nahi leti hu, this post was about the same thing ki ab mujhe dusro ko dekhke jalna band karna chahiye , kyunki every person is a different cat.


arre after the roadies epi they show that "makig of epi 1" . usme bataya he's leaving the show coz' he's been with it for a long time now.




@vanilla sky
yo , achai ki burai pe hamesha jeet :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...
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A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Jealous that is a virtue K.K, I mean I was always J about the fact that my brother always managed to look more smart than me, even though he had not applied some mysterious magical lotion , I had secretly sneaked out of my mom's cupboard.TV main to kuch aur bolen the , par sala kambakth kismat mere par to kabhi koi asar nahi hua .

PI said...

seriously dear, don't waste ur anger on such people. i've been there, done that, and felt stupid later, cause it doesn't matter to'em and it didn't do any good to me except mess up my mood. if you know what u'r doing/the way u'r doing things is the RIGHT way, congratulate urself, pat urself on the back, and smile. simple! :)

Anonymous said...

What a watching roadies as I type this! :)
Waise what you say is hurts and we are human...
But its fate I feel that limits what we get! Comparison kills us from within!
I know of middle bench losers who were in my class (they hardly cleared papers in single attempts and sat in middle benches cos they were not fit for first benches and we shaanas occupied last benches :P) who now are prime roles of power and moolah!
Par mere liye...chalti ka naam zindagi! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

arre u dunno abt my brother , he's the actual dude yaar , full attitude and gf bhi hai .

@pseudo intellectual
yup patting myself nw :)


poulami dey :P

The Furobiker said...

aish tu kar yara aish tu kar
dunia jaye tel lene aish tu kar

peter said...

Point noted :)
chill maaro ..dusron ko bhaw maat do aish karo ..kaho piyo ..(yeah sab bolney mein accha lagta hai)

but yeah that is life ur work nicely and dun give a tiny rat's ass to wat other's think ..till the time u find u r right :D

Amrita said...

pt number 1. masttttttttt template... lacoste t shirts all around... cud nt hav it better

pt number 2. i adore raghu.. man tht man has a head over his shoulders and yeaa me gonna miss him :( kyun jaa raha hai wo :(
Even my mil likes him!!!

pt number 3. hmmmm cancerian!! mom dad hubby all of the same breed :) no wonder i likes u :D well..... chuck what others think... apna karo...

Unknown said...

"I pronounced judgment to this effect:-

That a greater fool than Jane Eyre had never breathed the breath of life; that a more fantastic idiot had never surfeited herself on sweet lies, and swallowed poison as if it were nectar."

Thinks Jane Eyre herself, protagonist of Charlotte Bronte's novel.

Accept the thought, for it is the result of what burns within you. Accept it and think what you are making of the current moment; and think of what you could make it.

Mads said...

i love ur template \:d/ get a cute one like this for me naa :P :P :D
naah really it rocks \:D/ :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


:) sabse simple words

"tiny rat's ass" :) just imagined that :)

wah ji puri familyc cancerian hai :) thanks for the template maine bhi kuch aisa hi socha tha


you are very well read :)

urs is 100 times better

james said...
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james said...

R u sad about raghu leaving because he is so biased towards gals? laadko ka to woh phar leta hai but......

Although he has become better in judging- making strong points instead of shouting from the word 'go'
Anyway its nice to see someone respecting women so much.

Its better to understand ourselves than start comparing with others. Hmm so u believe in astrology...what about tarot cards?